Who is Grey's Anatomy actor, Gaius Charles dating? What does he look for in a girlfriend?

Gaius Charles is famous for his portrayal of Brian Williams in the sports television series Friday Nights Light. He is also a series regular in the television show Aquarius. His role of Bunchy Carter is well received and Gaius’ performance is also praised by many fans. Gaius has made appearances in various movie and TV shows. In the 2015 animated batman movie, Batman: Bad blood (2015), Gaius had voiced one of the lead character ‘The Batwing’. In the movie Salt (2010) starring Angelina Jolie, he got the role of a CIA officer.

Overlooking various rumors and hoaxes going around the web, there has not been any evidence of him being in a relationship with anyone. When asked, he has not made any indication that he might be dating anyone right now. Similarly, all his past dating records has been shrouded in mystery. He has denied any accusation when affiliating his name with any girls. He has not yet been married and currently it seems he does not have any girlfriend, at least who is revealed.

As his dating records are not yet disclosed, he is suspected to be gay. Although, he has not yet been directly inquired, it is highly unlikely since there are no indications of such.

In an interview, when asked about his preference in girls, he had stated that he likes girls with grace. Looks are the least things he is concerned about “but it does not hurt getting one with nice looks”, says Gaius. Similarly, he like girls who are hardworking and supportive, having an aim of their own and who want to fulfill that aim with passion.

According to various sources, he used to take part in various plays in his school. Gaius was always interested in acting ever since he was young. He earned a Bachelors of Fine Art from Carnegie Mellon University in 1983. It was not easy of Gaius to get a decent role. In fact he had failed more than any one has ever tried. After giving more than 250 shot at various auditions, he finally got the role in movie The Messenger (2009). He is a dedicated actor with devotion and conviction for his job.

In the hit American medical TV series Grey’s Anatomy, Gaius played the role of Dr. Shane Ross in the ninth and tenth season.

Gaius has several acting credits to his name in various movies and TV shows. He is proud of ever role he as ever played claiming them to be the foundation of what he is today.

Gaius Charles is active in social media like Instagram, Facebook and Tweeter. He often posts feed and share pictures for his fans. He has a decent amount of followers and he is grateful for the support he has received.

As in 2015, Gaius Charles’ net worth is estimated to be somewhere around $500,000.