Who is Franz Drameh dating? Does he have a secret girlfriend?

HitBerryPublished on   27 Mar, 2016Updated on   16 May, 2021

From the sources around the internet, it has been confirmed that Franz is not yet married. He is not known to have any girlfriend. He might be dating secretly but there are no confirm news as of yet.

Although there are many rumors about Franz having an affair with one of the co-stars of Legend of Tomorrow, there is no evidence to support it. Franz himself has not said anything in favor of that accusation so it might just be a hoax. There is no information regarding his dating records in the internet or anywhere. He might have had some high school girlfriend and just not revealed to us yet. With the height of 5 feet 11 inch, he is an attractive actor and has a lot of female fans after him.

Just at the age of 22, Franz has a massive successful career ahead of himself. Currently, he has appeared in only few movies and series but he was able to leave an impression on the mind of the people about his talent. Franz is believed to become face of the industry in the near future and a very successful and distinguished stars around.

Having first debuted from the 2010 movie, Hereafter, he land a major role in the movie Attack of the Block in 2011, Franz Drameh has come a long way in his career. Even though the movie was a box office disaster, his performance was praised by many fans. He also secured a role in the movie Edge of tomorrow starring Tom Cruise. Franz played the role of John, one of the protagonist’s companion.

Franz’s first TV debut was form the series Casualty, where be played the role of Casey Hughes. Similarly, Franz also appeared in one of the episode of the highly acclaimed Television superhero series, The Flash. He portrayed the role of the new Firestorm (Jefferson Jackson). Later, in the spinoff DC TV series Legend of Tomorrow, he appears as a series regular retaining his role. His role in the latter two was praised by fans and they agree that he is the best one to play the role of Jax than anyone.

Franz is active on social media. He has around 47k followers in Instagram and 8k followers in Twitter. He often tweets to his fans about his life. Fans can view his photo on his Instagram. His pictures shows how interested he is in the role of Firestorm and has shown his pleasure in getting that role given that he is also a great comic book fan, like most boys out there. In one of the interview regarding his role in Legend of Tomorrow, he has stated how blessed he is to be a part of the DC universe. One might only dream about superheroes; Franz, however is one.

His net worth has not been revealed but considering his performance, it is assumed that he enjoys an impressive net worth that is estimated to be in millions of dollars.