Who is Fefe Dobson dating? Is she married?

March 23, 2016
First Published On: March 23, 2016
by HitBerry

Guess who Fefe Dobson dating??

Well! Fefe and her long term boyfriend, rapper Yelawolf got engaged in July 2013. They started their romantic affair in 2011 and have been together ever since. Since, both of them are from music industry, they must have found vibe and the bond is getting stronger like ever.

In 2013, 613style.com's Grace Odumo spoke to Fefe to have a small chit chat about her personal life.

To the questions like will the Canuck get married in Canada? Wear white? This is what she told to Grace, “I’m still trying to figure it out… My first wedding will be my only wedding, so I’ve gotta make it perfect and I’m very, very in love with my fiancé, so it’s going to be awesome no matter what we do!”

The songwriter posted some photos of her engagement with their hands intertwined, showing off their sparkling engagement ring.

On Canada day, Yelawolf posted this status on his instagram, “Happy CANADA day to all my SLUMADIANS ... Sorry Canada I already picked the hottest pepper you're garden .... I'll take good care of her in Nashville I promise!".

From this we are sure about how committed Yelawolf is. Another thing is that he got his head inked with the name of his fiancée (Fefe).

Well! This shows the high commitment from both Fefe and Yelawolf. However, the official news of them getting married has not been released yet. So they might not be married yet on the other hand they were the role model couple. Perhaps they are still dating as fiancées. After all marriage is just a legal bondage. For the couple who loves each other, even if they get married or not, they stay together.

Fefe is a popular Canadian singer, songwriter and recording artist originally from Toronto. She was nominated for two Juno Awards for her self-titled debut album. Her songs have been appreciated by many established singers and songwriters.

As a result, her music has been covered by many other artists and featured in movies, TV shows and many more.

She was not the person who came all along with the silver spoon in her mouth. It took her a lot of perseverance and patience to reach at this peak of success.

She shares his hardship in one of her recent interviews in the following ways.

“It's like I've experienced quite a weird and unusual life, you know, being with a mom who's a single parent and struggling with money and things like that. It's really hard. And it brings a lot of other insecurities in life and a lot of other issues in life, in school and a bunch of other things”, she said.

Fefe’s net worth is estimated to be $4 million.