Who is Erica Mena’ Boyfriend? Know about her Relationship and Children

Celebrities and their love life never go along. As many of the celebrities after stepping out of the relationship, jumps into another there are few celebrities who prefer to go another way.

With the paparazzi on celebrities back and countless users in social media, it can be difficult when it comes to keeping your personal life away from the public eye. A reality star, Erica Mena love life, has never been in the shade. So who is she dating? Let's know about her.

Is Erica Mena Single or Dating?

A TV personality Erica Mena is a former model and mostly known for making appearances in the show Love and Hip Hop: New York. Apart from this, you might know Erica from the reality shows Scared Famous and Bad Girls Club: East Meets West.

Mena is definitely not among the celebrities who keep their love life private. This hottie has been in several relationships in the past and yet it's hard to believe she is single.

Erica Mena, source: Zimbio

If we take a quick look at Erica's Instagram, then there are not much of post about her love life. Where other celebrities took on social media to announce their dates and partners, Erica hasn't done anything yet.

It's not that, Mena doesn't take on media to let her fans know about her dates. Right now, it looks like Mena is not seeing anyone.

Erica Mena, source:VH1.com

So what might be the reason? We know, Mena is a mother and a TV personality, so her hectic life can be a reason. On the other hand, with all the failed relationship in her past, Erica might take a break from getting into the relationship.

Erica Mena with her son King Conde, source: What's The CelebriTea? - WordPress.com

As for now, there are no rumors of Mena darting anyone. Eric might be dating but she hasn't made it official yet.

Erica Mena's Past Relationships and Affairs

If we look at the dating history of 29-year-old Mena, she has been in a relationship with both men and women. Surrounded by the confusion of her sexuality, Erica never stopped making news on her love affair.

Mena dated several rappers in past from them, the relationship with Shad Moss was quite eye-grabbing. Shad Moss aka Bow Wow got engaged with Mena but their relationship failed quickly then they expected.

Erica Mena and Bow Wow, source: hiphopoverload.com

After the break-up, in an interview, Erica revealed the reason for break up saying:

"and that the reason was that, "it's hard to be with someone more damaged than you are." OUCH!

These two ex-couple threw shots at each other on social media and Mena even accused ex-fiance of abusing her.

Many of you might be aware of the fact that, this reality star is a married woman. Mena is married to Raul Conde and they share a son named King Conde.

Erica Mena and Raul Conde, source: VH1.com

However, they are living separately and often the news of their reunion makes the gossips on the internet. But they haven't divorced yet.


When you scroll down the Instagram of Erica you can see adorable pictures of mother and son.