Who is Erica Grow Dating? Know about her Affairs and Relationships

February 5, 2017
First published on:February 5, 2017
by HitBerry

 The very beautiful, stunning and talented, Erica Grow, is an American Meteorologist. She is a television reporter currently working for WNBC-TV in New York city. She has been able to attract more viewers than expected as her love and passion towards weather and science is huge.

Well, despite being such a talented and beautiful, we do not get to hear more about the love life of Erica Grow. Her fan followings are increasing very steeply and they want to know the affairs and dating rumors about her. So, do not worry because we have come with lots of things that you might want to know about Erica.

source:official twitter account

Achievments of Erica Grow and her affairs

Before directly entering into her personal life, let’s talk about some of her achievments. Erica earned the prestigious Certified Broadcast Meteorologist which is the highest level of distinction in the field of broadcast Meteorology in 2012.

source:official instragram account

Grow was involved in different kinds of volunteering project. In 2015, she was elected to the AMS board on enterprise communication and led different kinds of sessions. She also worked for WUSA in Wasington before joining WNBC.

source:official instragram account

Not only us, even her friends are interested to know when Erica Grow is going to get married or be in any sort of relationships. Below is the picture of Erica Grow with her nephew, Brogan. If you just give a close look to the comment, you will find that her friend ajc913 has commented that “Erica motherhood is calling you. You need babies in your life.”

source:official instagram account

What do you think is the reason that she hasn’t been in relationship till now? Probably she is more focused on her career and doesn’t want any kinds of distraction that could get in her way.

Her pictures and posts about any of her male friend is rare in her twitter account, instagram account and her Facebook account. So we cannot claim that Erica has had relationships before. Neither there were rumors regarding her personal life.

Let’s hope that Erica will officially announce who she is dating and who she wants to tie a knot with. Hope she gets the kind of relation she is waiting for. 

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