Who is Eric Wareheim? Who is he dating Currently? Know about his Affairs and Relationship

January 24, 2018
First Published On: January 24, 2018

As one become popular, curiosity rise within the people wanting to know more about that him and his personal life. After being a public figure one’s life become more of the concern of fans and the media rather than he himself. Everything regarding his dating life and relationship affairs comes in the headlines.

Same goes for the famous Hollywood celebrity Eric Wareheim. It seems like Wareheim is having a romantic life right now and the topic has grabbed a wide range of attention of his followers. Get to know everything here.

Who is Eric currently dating?

Let us introduce Eric Wareheim first! Wareheim is a writer, producer, and a comedian most recognized for his works in Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!Tim and Eric's Bedtime Stories, and Master of None

He doesn’t look like the one who hides affairs to the media. But it’s a known fact that celebs these days are quite secretive when it comes to their private affairs.

According to the speculations doing rounds of the internet, it is being said that Webby Award winner Wareheim is in a romantic relationship with the star of My Life as Liz, Liz Lee. However, it has not been confirmed, if they are genuinely together yet.


[ CAPTION: Eric Wareheim and Liz Lee ][ SOURCE: photobucket.com ]

The duo was often seen hanging out together being cozy. They also shared their mesmerizing moment to the world via social media.

Up until now the duo neither denied nor accepted the rumors. Saying I am Single and be done with it is one thing, but they chose not react on the matter. That’s quite sad to know that they haven’t made their relationship official yet. 

Eric Wareheim; rumored to be gay

The talented actor Eric stayed single for quite a long. He never disclosed any information regarding him being linked to anyone previously. 

[ CAPTION: Eric and Tim ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

His single profile for such a long time also leads the idea that he is gay. He was seen mostly getting along with his friend Tim Heidecker which people find quite unusual as Heidecker became a single man after divorcing his wife not long ago.

The rumor got the light when Eric made his appearance like a girl in his show Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!.  Furthermore, in an interview with Paper magazine, he stated

I would dress up in my mom’s stuff. I’d wear her hemorrhoid pillow as a hat.”

[ CAPTION: Eric Wareheim ][ SOURCE: behance.net ]

A question was raised regarding his sexuality while he didn’t make any comment on that aspect as well. However, all the suspects were dropped instantly when he was seen being cozy with his rumored girlfriend, Liz.