Who Is Emma Watson Dating currently? Know about Her Relationships with Her Boyfriends

January 23, 2018
First published on:April 23, 2017
by HitBerry

Emma Watson is a famous actress, model, and activist from Britain. Watson rose to fame after her appearance in the widely successful television series Harry Potter. She worked as Hermione Granger in all 11 seasons. But out of all, one question always remained "Who is Emma Watson dating?"

Furthermore, find out about her dating history and boyfriends too.

Who is Emma Watson Dating?

Many of us might be unaware of the fact that she was born in Paris and went to Britain as a child. But, let us not get deep with her early, though.

Emma Watson; a gorgeous British diva after having many affairs and previously dated an American guy currently. The person she was dating is William Knight. He is a renowned American business professional and the entrepreneur. 

A gorgeous British actor Emma Watson Dating A gorgeous British actor Emma Watson

The couple started dating back in 2015. After Watson began her relationship with boyfriend William, she faced a lot of criticism. It is because there is a huge age gap of 10 years between the two. So, the public raised a question, why she chose ten-year elder person as her boyfriend?

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Emma Recently made it to the Forbes list of Hollywood Top Ten best-earning actress here is the list, have a look:  


It's Emma's first serious love affection since her 'horrendous' break-up from rugby player Matthew Janney in 2014. Afterward, they enjoyed their romantic meals, relaxed in infinity pools overlooking the Pacific Ocean and went on scenic hikes in the sunshine at the £7,000-a-week VIP Post Ranch Inn.

American actress Emma Watson and her boyfriend William Knight American actress Emma Watson and her boyfriend William Knight

Later on, William visited Watson in her Oxford home during the New Year 2016. It then gave a clear hint to the public that they're officially dating each other.

Unfortunately, after dating for more than two years, the duo ended their relationship. Currently, Emma seems to be single as she isn't seen with any boys and hasn't shared anything regarding her current boyfriend. 

Emma Watson's Previous Affairs and Boyfriends

FYI, before her relationship with Knight, she dated an American rugby player Matthew Janney in 2014.

Emma Watson and her ex-boyfriend Matthew Janney Emma Watson and her ex-boyfriend Matthew Janney, Source: justjaredjr.com

After around ten months Watson faced a hard thump as her relationship with Matt ended with a harsh break-up. After she broke up, Watson revealed that she was totally devastated by her split from Mat in late 2014. She even took herself in a week-long vow of silence at a retreat in Canada's Rocky Mountains.

During 2000, Emma dated a Mexican actor Roberto Aguire. We are not aware of more about the relationship as it ended by a short period of time.

Roberto Aguire and Emma Watson Roberto Aguire and Emma Watson, Source: eonline.com

Watson's other boyfriends were Tom Ducker, Angus Willoughby, Francis Boulle, Roberto Agnillera, Jay Barrymore, Rafael Cebrian, and so on. Now her fans are waiting to hear news about her marriage, and she might announce it in upcoming days.

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