Who is Emeraude Toubia dating? Does she have a boyfriend?

HitBerryPublished on   27 Mar, 2016Updated on   27 May, 2021

Who is dating? Does she have a boyfriend? If she has one, who is that lucky guy?

According to the records of ‘Who dated who’ Toubia is single for the time being. She previously dated Prince Royce. They looked cute together but cuteness is not a single factor for any relationship to last a lifetime. Their break up was kept far away from media but the personal news of such a celebrity couldn’t be hidden for long.

The PopSugar reports that the couple often had differences in their choice and decisions and when the differences are more than one could consider, there is no point in being together.

Apparently, the actress is single and might not be ready for any kind of relationship as per their close friends. It doesn’t mean that she is hung upon her precious affair, it is just that the actress have things to figure out.

In a small chit chat with HollywoodLife, the actress slightly opened up about what kind of man she would like to date. She also shared some of the traits that she thinks that a man should possess in order to be a married material.

According to her, Integrity is an integral part of a man’s personality that she would fall for. She probably likes a man who knows how to treat her girl like a princess. Unfortunately, she has not met anyone who she could share her life with.

She said that she would not like make rush into marriage if she didn’t met anyone special even until fourties. For her marriage is something that should be a onetime decision. Divorce and second marriage would just put a disgrace upon one’s commitment and ability to make decision.

The actress’s family transcends over a long history of countries. Discussing her nationality and heritage, Toubia stated, “I am so proud of where I come from. My mom is Mexican, my dad is Lebanese and I'm American, and I think that's what being an American is. It's a melting pot”.

Apart from being an actress, Toubia is also a professional dancer. She was professionally trained in classical ballet, flamenco, belly dance and lyrical dance right from her childhood.

Toubia is an American model, presenter and actress. Her stunning height and sexy figure aids up to her versatile acting talent. She currently portrays Isabelle Lightwood on the Freedom Fantasy series, Shadowhunters.

She has contributed to many other TV shows like Aurora, 11-11: En mi cuadra nada cuadra, Cosita Linda, Voltea pa' que te enamores, Tattooed Love etc.

She is popular for being able to fit in every roles that she is featured in. She really knows how to be the character and she entirely transforms herself into that.

The net worth of the actress is yet to be disclosed.