Who is Dorothy Wang Dating Currently? Is she married or still Single? Know her Past Affairs and Relationships

March 23, 2018
First Published On: March 23, 2018

Dorothy Wang, who is 30-year-old American socialite and actress, has been able to achieve a huge success in her professional life. Leaving her professional success aside, how many of you know about her personal life? Know if she is married or still dating.


Wang, who is famous for the TV show Rich Kids of Beverly Hills has been admired by a lot of people worldwide but who is the lucky guy who got to date her? Know all about her current as well as past boyfriend right below:

Dorothy Wang celebrated her first birthday with boyfriend John Mayer

Let’s start off with the most recent gossip. Dorothy Wang celebrated her 30th birthday on 27th January 2018 with a famous American singer John Mayer. This leaves fans with so many questions. Are they dating? Or are they just friends?

CAPTION: Dorothy Wang with John Mayer on her 30th birthday SOURCE: Hollywood life

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Well, the duo hasn’t officially announced that they are dating. But why else would a girl celebrate her birthday with a random guy without not having anything between them? However, we also don’t know if they left for the party together, but there's no doubt that they were spotted together celebrating the star’s birthday.

Dorothy Wang’s Past Affairs

Although Wang didn’t publicize about her relationship, she was seen having a romantic time with Sam Saadun in St. Tropez. She was flaunting in the bikini with him, and they were also seen locking lips together. While walking, they had kept their hands hold on tight as if they didn’t want to leave each others’ side.

CAPTION: Dorothy Wang holding hands with her then-boyfriend, Sam SOURCE: Daily Mail

On the other side, Sam was on Calvin Klein’s white shorts. They also enjoyed their adventure to the sea on a sleek wave runner. Dorothy kept holding her beau tight while riding and soon they were also seen kissing.

CAPTION: Dorothy Wang kissing her then-boyfriend, Sam Saadun SOURCE: Daily Mail

However, we are not sure if the couple is still dating. They might not be currently dating because if they were together, she wouldn’t be celebrating her 30th birthday with another guy.

Talking about marriage, Dorothy is not married yet. Although she has had some affairs with some guys in her life, she doesn’t seem to be able to stay with the same guy for a long time. Well, guess that she is not of age and waiting few years to get married.