Who is Daphne Zuniga Married to? Know about her secret married life

HitBerryPublished on   08 Jan, 2017Updated on   13 Sep, 2017

Daphne Eurydice Zuniga is an American film and television actress and environmentalist who has once studied at "American Conservatory Theater" and made her first film debut in 1982 in the movie "The Dorm That Dripped Blood" at the age of 19.

Since Daphne is active since 1980 to till the date, she has always been searched on the internet. Everyone is just so keen to know whether this beautiful actress is married or not and whether she is single. Read more to know about Daphne Zuniga relationship and marriage rumors.

Is Daphne Zuniga married?

As indicated by whosdatedwho, beautiful actress Daphne Zuniga is not married and is currently single. Even though Daphne was involved in relationships with Jason Gedrick and Emilio Estevez, she is not married. There were rumors regarding her marriage or secret marriage which is not true.


Daphne Zuniga Daphne Zuniga         Source: HuffPost

Daphne is a very secretive actress who has always been successful in hiding her personal information. So, she might have married secretly but there is no any kind of news regarding her secret marriage ever broadcasted. She has also never been spotted with any rings on her hand or with anyone so close. No any pictures regarding her wedding ceremony have ever hit the media. So, I think it's all fake rumors regarding her secret marriage.

Daphne Zuniga Relationship

Yes, the news about her secret marriage is fake but there is something we all need to know about her relationship. To be clearer, she has been involved in three relationships together. Let us find everything out about her.

Daphne Zuniga and Jason Gedrick

54 years old American actress Daphne Zuniga was once spotted dating 51 years American actor Jason Gedrick in the year 1986. Jason Gedrick is best recognized for Murder One and Boomtown TV series. The couple dated for only a few months and got separated.

Daphne Zuniga with Jason Gedrick Daphne Zuniga with Jason Gedrick        Source: ebayimg


Daphne Zuniga and Emilio Estevez

Just after two years breakup with Jason Gedrick, Daphne was involved in the relationship with American writer and director Emilio Estevez in 1988. Actually, the relationships were based on public assumptions. The couple dated for only a few months and chose the path that takes the both individuals to separate ways.

Daphne Zuniga with Emilio Estevez Daphne Zuniga with Emilio Estevez        Source: Getty images


Daphne Zuniga and David Mleczko

How can one forget the long time affair of Daphne with David Mleczko? From her very young age, she was having a very secret and private affair with David. It was so secretive that no one ever noticed that Daphne and David were dating.

Daphne Zuniga with David Mleczko Daphne Zuniga with David Mleczko         Source: Zimbio

It's quite amazing that the couple didn't marry even after sharing so long time of the relationship. The couple also parted away in a secret way.