Who is Cristine Prosperi's boyfriend? and more about her dating life.

April 8, 2016
First Published On: April 8, 2016
by HitBerry

Guys! Do you remember Tiara Turner from the Family Channel series ‘Really Me’? Yes, we are definitely talking about her I mean actress Cristine Prosperi. Who do you think she is dating now? What she is into? Let us find out.

Well, the actress has been dating Canadian ice hockey player Jeff Skinner for more than three years by now. The couple started dating in August 2012.

Before she started her romance for the second time, she dated Ben Fanelli in 2010. She has not revealed about how long that relationship went and how far and to be clear it is not a real matter of concern now. After all, she is going real head over hills for her second boyfriend Skinner.

You know what Skinner and Prosperi both are very active users of twitter and especially here we are talking about Prosperi. They actively post their dating feed. The actress seems to love to share about her personal life with her avid fans. She usually tweets about what dinner the couple had, where they are recently visiting for a holiday.

The story doesn’t end here. The actress has posted around 200 photos this month alone in Instagram. Among them, around 50 of them are with Skinner. By looking at them anyone could tell that they are loving couple. Now that thy have been together for more than three years and they have not cheated each other as of now, people are talking about they might be thinking of getting married.

Now here it goes. Are Prosperi and Skinner getting married? Are the rumors about them tying a knot true? Well, we cannot say anything for certain just yet. The actress herself has not responded anything.

As already mentioned, the actress likes to post her hot and stunning photos on her Instagram. Recently she has posted one of her snaps with a sexy beautiful black dress. Her dress had a nice wide open chest and revealing the sides of her boobs with a thin golden belt around her slender waistline. The actress did not forget to leave her beautiful caption on it. She wrote, “Turned an old New Years Eve dress into a crop for my outfit last night, sometimes you just gotta get creative!”.

Yeah! She is right as all dresses and dressing sense is about being creative and looking nice in your own style.

Prosperi is famous for not only for playing her roles nicely but also she knows exactly how to build up her infant character and spice it up.

For her talent, she has won Young Artist Awards (2012) for ‘Best Performance in a TV Series - Leading Young Actress’ in Degrassi. Well, she is rolling like a stone in Hollywood now and she really knows her goal.