Who is Cody Kearsley? Is He Still Single or Dating Someone? Know about his Affairs and Relationship

Single is no longer a lack of options but a choice. A choice to refuse to let your life be defined by your relationship status but to live every day Happily and let your ever After work itself out. In Hollywood, several celebrities are still in their single life and they prefer to be in that way.

If you watch CW series Riverdale then Cody Kearsley will be a familiar name. Cody, recently rose to fame when he starred in Riverdale. This hunk took no time to make millions of fans over past years with his amazing looks and personality. So is Kearsley single? Let's find out.

Cody Kearsley dates in 2017

Cody who plays  Marmaduke Mason aka Moose of Archie Comics is a beloved character for us. When Cody got cast on Riverdale it was a matter of time for Kearsley to become a public face. Fans are really eager to know about Cody's love life.

There aren't as many information on Cody's love life as he rarely makes public appearances despite his show Riverdale.

Cody Kearsley, source: Oliver Chronicle

You might know, Cody from 2017 Power Ranger movie in which he had a small part to play.

Riverdale star got 8k followers on Instagram and Twitter and even his small controversies make a lot of buzz on social media. So the big question is who is this hunk dating?

With his amazing personalities and looks, it's hard to digest Cody is still living a single life. You may see him getting cozy with other female c0-stars but they are just Cody's friends.

Kearsley with his co-stars Robyn Lee, source: Oliver Chronicle

Where celebrities of his age are dating other stars, Cody prefers to go another way but that doesn't mean Kearsley is shy when it comes to dating.

Cody might be dating but he hasn't made it official yet. If we take a quick look at Cody's Instagram, he hardly drops any hints on his love life.

There few post from his vacation and weekend where he spends most of his time with buddies.

Who is Cody Kearsley?

Cody Kearlsey is an Oliver-born actor mostly known for his work on TV show Riverdale(2017). If you watch Power Ranger of 2017 edition which was a huge hit on box office, you might notice Cody Kearsley.

Cody Kearsley at Riverdale, source: Riverdale Wikia - Fandom

Kearsely debuted in the acting career back in 2015, Apart from this Kearsley is a long time participant with the Okanagan Dance studio.

We hope in near future, Cody opens more about his relationship and on his career. As Cody's fans are more eager to know about him.