Who is Cody Christian's Girlfriend? Know about his Relationship Status

September 18, 2017
First Published On: September 18, 2017
by HitBerry

Cody Christian, son of Breast Cancer (Ashley Bohall) survivor once campaigned to raise money for breast cancer research. He has proved to be the best son. He is a renowned actor for the famous series Pretty Little Liars. Today, let’s know how good he is when it comes to girls.

He is just 22 and really hot. So girls, brace yourself as today you will know all about Cody’s love life. Cody falls under one of the young and cute American actors of all times who is now the dream boy for many girls out there. Keep on scrolling to know all about Cody’s dating history as well as a present girlfriend.

Cody Christian’s Girlfriend

This young enthusiastic American actor is said to be dating Talia Maxine, a famous American actress. They have been dating for over two years. At this moment, it hasn’t been time for them to marry so they definitely aren’t married yet.

They post lots of pictures online roaming and hanging out together. It is believed that they have a very strong bond. How else could an early 20s couple last for few years and counting? The cute picture above is their picture during their visit to Disneyland.

Cody Christian having romantic vacation with his girlfriend Cody Christian having a romantic vacation with his girlfriend, Source: else: up

However, rumors suggest that they have recently broken up, but it is not confirmed yet. Also, Cody Christian is also rumored to give attention to another woman, Bella Throne, his co-worker. They also shared a steamy kiss on the set together, but it was for the show. Also, Bella shared a picture of them face timing together on snap chat.

A picture of Cody Christian A picture of Cody Christian, source: Daily Mail

So, now who is he dating is a mystery? According to the media of high ratings, he is still dating his previous girlfriend, Talia Maxine. He might just be having a good time with his friend as well as a co-worker, Bella.

You know, Christian keeps his personal life quite secretive which makes everyone confused plus curious regarding his private life that includes his dating life, relationship, affairs, and more.