Who is Clare Calbraith's boyfriend? and more about her dating life.

April 6, 2016
First Published On: April 6, 2016
by HitBerry

English actress Clare Calbraith is best known as Steph Farrow in Home Fires and Jane Moorsum in Downton Abbey. The leggy actress likes to keep her private life very confidential hence very less is known about her love life whether she’s married and has a husband or dating someone or no one or if she’s a lesbian.

We really knew nothing up until now as we reveal it exclusively to you that she’s dating her drama schoolmate Simon Meehan. Her boyfriend Simon Meehan is famous for the song 'I love you baby' in the British Telecom adverts in 2001-2002.

Winsford, Cheshire-born Clare, 42 went to drama school in Cardiff after the end of her law studies. She started her acting career as Tanya Hardie in Casualty in 1999. From there on, Calbraith has appeared in many other TV shows including Holby City, The Bill, 55 Degrees North. Her first major role was in Heartbeat from 2000-2002. She then joined Coronation Street in 2005 for a short time to play Robyn, girlfriend of Martin Platt.

 In 2006, she starred in the BBC1’s EastEnders for a small role as DI Skillen. In 2007, she guest-starred in the Doctor Who audio dramas Urban Myths and Son of the Dragon. In 2008, she guest-starred in the Sapphire and Steel audio drama Second Sight and Doctors. In 2011, she played Laura Gabriel in the BBC TV series, The Shadow Line. Her recent appearances include roles in the ITV period drama series Downton Abbey and Home Fires.

Standing at a height of 5’3”, Clare Calbraith has done mostly TV shows and hardly any movies, her only film that she starred in was the 2013 psychological thriller film “Mindscape”.

Clare Calbraith takes a keen interest in political issues as she is often seen tweeting about elections and world peace. Sweet natured and unsophisticated, Clare is a really normal girl and like any normal girl, she also has body issues. In an interview with Nina Myskow, she talked about her body and weight issues, “Do you know what? I'd love a big massive bum. I would. I would. I'd love it. No seriously, I think it's dead sexy and womanly. I'd much rather have hips than boobs. I'd love that whole tall Jessica Rabbit-type look.”

Up until a few years ago I used to be much bigger. People who see me now say, "God, you've lost loads of weight." Which makes you think, "I must have been a right chuffer when I was younger." I must have been really big. Well, I must have been more than two stone heavier than I am now, I was 10 and three-quarter stone for a while. Which I can't really carry because I'm only 5ft 3ins. I'd love to be taller, but it could have been worse. My mum told me they tested me for dwarfism when I was a baby. She didn't tell me until I was a teenager, but I freaked out and went, "Oh God, I'm a midget!" I'm just short, of course, but I can't carry any extra weight.

Clare has been living with her boyfriend in London. The actress’s net worth still remains an undisclosed matter.