Who is Ciara Renée dating? Is she married?

Hawkgirl of DC universe, Ciara Renee is an actor, model, singer and dancer by profession who has appeared in the Arrow and The Flash spinoff series - Legends Of Tomorrow .she has also appeared in Law and order: Special Victims Unit as the girl who disappeared in the year 2014.  With her debut as the witch in the big fish, this 5 feet 8 inch beauty has made many more appearance in the Broadways. She has appeared in Broadway as Esmeralda of the Hunchback of Norte dame. She has also appeared as a lead in Tony award winning Broadway play, Pippin, replacing the original actor. She has also appeared in Pre-Broadway workshops of Hamilton, three little pigs and Bull Durham.

Claiming that she was born in October 19, 1990 singing not crying, Renee has earned a musical degree in 2013 from Baldwin Wallace University and often plays at Joe’s Pub, 54 Below, Le Poisson Rouge, and Highline Ballroom in  New York City concert circuit. According to Renee, up until midway through High school, she had been working on a career as a solo recording artist. However, when she was introduced to musical theater in her sophomore year in high school she decided to pursue her career as an actress for the stage and screen and do movies and plays instead of being a singer.

Leaving aside her professional life, when we look into her personal life we find near to nothing. All we can say as a matter of fact is that she has not been married yet. She is single as per the records. But the question is whether she is dating someone? Is she having an affair? If so then who is her boyfriend?

 Hawkgirl of DC universe may be dating someone in real life but nothing has been spoken about this by her as of now. When it comes to her personal life, she has not let anyone get a scent of it. There were some news about her preferring a lady partner over a male but the answer to whether she is a lesbian is probably no, as per the sources.  All we can say is that either she never really did make a room for anyone else or she is pretty good at keeping her relationship status a well-kept secret. We do hope something will come up regarding her relationship status in the future.

Talking about her personal life again, Renee's height is 5'8. About her parents, she is daughter of Tanya Van Hove, she has a brother and a niece among the family members. According to Ciara “When I'm not working, I am an avid yoga enthusiast, boxer, runner and general healthnut. I spend countless hours plucking at my guitar and jamming to the jazz greats (i.e. Ella Fitzgerald). I also enjoy some quieter past times like knitting”. She calls herself environmentally conscious person and also claims to speak up for animal rights. Her net worth has not yet been disclosed by reliable sources.  To know her better do follow her on Twitter @CiaraRenee8.