Who is Chelsea Hobbs dating? Is she married?

April 7, 2016
First Published On: April 7, 2016
by HitBerry

Make it or Break it actress Chelsea Hobbs needs no introduction when it comes to her beauty. She has just reached her thirties and her beauty and charm are better than ever before. She likes to tone her body by exercising regularly and following a constant schedule.

Chelsea was married to photographer Teren Oddo in 2007. They had two children- one daughter and a son. Eventually, they divorced in 2014 after 7 years of their marriage.

It has been two years since she separated with her husband but there has been no news of her dating anyone else. Maybe she simply wants to pursue her career without any distraction or she is simply hiding her relationship status from the public. Either way, there are no proof or official news about her dating anyone as of now. It seems Chelsea has decided to lay low for now.

Chelsea was always secretive. Not only her present status, but we don’t even know her dating records prior marrying Teren. None of her past boyfriends has been revealed to us.

Starting her career from children plays to minor television commercials, Chelsea has come a long way to success. In her career, Chelsea has appeared in more than 40 television commercials.

In her acting career, she has appeared in numerous TV shows and few movies as well. Chelsea is mostly known for her role of Gerda in the TV-film Snow Queen (2002) for which she was nominated for the Best Lead Female Performance by Leo Awards. Her acting career, however, began at the age of nine when she appeared in the movie The Little Women.

Some of her acting credit in TV shows includes her recurring role in the TV series The L Word, Beach Girls, Pasadena, etc. Chelsea has appeared in guest roles in various series like CSI, Transporter, Supernatural, etc.

Chelsea had auditioned for the role of Mandy in the 2013 movie Labor Day starring Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin. She was even shortlisted but the role eventually went to Maika Monroe. She was even compared to Kristen Bell for the series Veronica Mars. Not only is a prolific actor but also a magnificent gymnast and also a beautiful dancer. At the age of 3, she started dancing. Her training included a rough five hours a day, six days a week.

Like most celebrities out there, she is very active on Twitter and Instagram and has a significant amount of followers. She likes to keep in touch with her fans through social media and is very generous to them for their support. Despite being famous, she is very kind and generous. She has a pleasant personality that motivates everyone.

As of late 2015, Chelsea’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.