Who is Chantel Jeffries dating currently? Know about her previous affairs

May 3, 2017
First published on:May 3, 2017
by HitBerry

Chantel Jeffries is a famous American model of age 23. Chantel is an aspiring model and is currently associated with the Wilhemina Modeling agency. She came to the fame after she was rumored to be in a relation with the world's best singer and performer Justin Bieber. But who is Chantel Jeffries dating currently?

Chantel is currently not in a relation with Justin Bieber. However, she always makes the news with her relationship stuff. Her fans want to know, who is she currently dating Who is Chantel Jeffries' boyfriend? So let's have a closer look on the topic.

Who is Model Chantel Jeffries dating currently?

Well, we often come to hear about Jeffery's boyfriends and her dating stuff, but, the gorgeous American diva currently lives a single life. According to the sources, Chantel isn't dating anyone since her last affair with Kyrie Irving.

Famous American model Chantel Jeffrey Famous American model Chantel Jeffries, Source: theurbantwist.com

After having more than five love relations during a small time period, Chantel took herself apart from the relation. It's almost a year since Chantel started living a single life. And she is happy with herself either. It also provides her a sufficient time to focus on her profession in modeling and acting.

Previously, Chantel remained in a love relation with Kyrie Irving for a few months. Kyrie is a renowned Australian basketballer of 25. Chantel dated Kyrie for about three months starting from March 2016. However, she could no longer run her relation as they separated in June 2016.

Source: Instagram

Though she doesn't date any boyfriend currently, she dated a number of boys in her past. So, let's move to her previous dating stuff.

Chantel Jeffries' Previous Relations and Affairs

Despite engaging in a number of affairs, Chantel never showed her dedication on her relationships. As per some sources, Chantel's first boyfriend was Justin Combs. Justin is an American socialite. Chantel began her relation with the guy in November 2011. After dating for about a year, the couple chose their separate ways.

Model Chantel Jeffries and her ex-boyfriend Justin Combs Model Chantel Jeffries and her ex-boyfriend Justin Combs, Source: