Who is Catherine Deneuve?Is She Still Single After Divorce from David Bailey?Know her Married Life

January 14, 2018
First Published On: January 14, 2018
by Sam Smith

Acting in an old age is such a hard thing to achieve. And, when you are a seventy-four-year-old woman, it is near to strenuous. However, for the likes of Catherine Deneuve, she is still an active member of the Hollywood industry.

Today’s generation of people show their interest in the young actors but, are they a bit curious about vintage movie stars? We will talk about the French star and reveal you some facts about her love affairs.

Who is Catherine Deneuve?

Catherine Deneuve is a French actress, singer, producer, and model who has become a film legend in her time for her iconic roles. She has also grabbed the Oscar award for her extraordinary performances in her movies.

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As her parents were actors, she also entered the same profession. She made her film debut at an early age of 13, in The Twilight Girls. Since then, she has been appearing in the Hollywood filming industry.

Is Catherine Deneuve staying single after divorce with Bailey?

After Catherine’s divorce with David Bailey, she has been romantically linked with a total of 12 different media personalities. Catherine Deneuve was romantically linked with Clint Eastwood. After him, Jerry Schatzberg came into her life.

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The relationship did not work out, so they had to break up. After that, Francois Truffaut came into the lives of Catherine Deneuve. After them, she has dated Franco Nero, Marcello Mastroianni, Burt Reynolds, Bertrand De Labbey, John Travolta and several other stars of the Hollywood.

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The actress was last seen with the actor Vincent Perez in 1992. But, after that, she does not seem to have any kind of relationship with any other guys. The longest relationship she has stayed after her divorce was with Pierre Lescure for about 7 years.

Catherine Deneuve Married Life

If we talk about the married life of Catherine Deneuve, then the actress has married twice during her life.

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Catherine Deneuve got married for the first time with actor Vadim Roger in 1961 who directed some of her early movies. She was only 17 years when she got married to Roger. The couple also shares a son, Christian Vadim who was born in 1963. But their marriage didn’t last long. They were together for no more than two years and got divorced in 1963.

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After divorce with Roger she was involved in short-term affairs with some other guys and in 1965, she got married for the second time with David Bailey who was a photographer of the Playboy magazine and was introduced by Roman Polanski. After being in a romantic relationship for six years, Catherine faced a divorce for the second time in her life.

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Reason for the divorce of both of her marriage is still unknown to us as Catherine has never revealed about it in the media.

On the whole, the aged French actress is living a single life after all series of failed relationships. Even if she is more than seventy years old, she is still active in the filming industry.