Who is Benjamin Maisani? Is he Gay? Find out his Bars and Houses

February 27, 2017
First published on:February 27, 2017
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We really can feel people have now full freedom to live their life on their own. People are now fully living their life as they want without the fear of any social customs or traditions. Normal people, as well as the celebrity, have now happily enjoyed their life without thinking about their sexual orientation problems.

The freedom to do what you like might be the reason a renowned journalist have revealed that he is a gay. Anderson Hays Cooper, an American journalist, author, and television personality, has actually openly spoken up about his reality about being gay in 2012

Who is Benjamin Maisani?

Right after Anderson confirmed that he is gay, and then people started wondering who might be his partner. It was the secret that got revealed after a very long time. Everyone kept on searching for his partner but Anderson made it clearer, he revealed the name of his partner. Why would he hide his partner name after confessing in the mass?

Anderson Cooper and Benjamin Maisani

Anderson Cooper and Benjamin Maisani

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Later after his confession as a gay, he was spotted with an unknown person who later was identified as Anderson's boyfriend Benjamin Maisani. The couple also walked the red carpet in the year 2015. The better half of Anderson, Benjamin Maisani is the owner of 3 gay bars. He is also rumored to be soon opening his fourth bar soon.

Talking about how the couple met, Benjamin and Anderson first met in Benjamin's bar and started dating since 2009. It's already been around eight years that the couple is enjoying their relationship. Benjamin is the one who does not want to be famous thus loves to hide all his personal life.

Anderson Cooper and Benjamin Maisani

Anderson Cooper and Benjamin Maisani kissing

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Benjamin Maisani’s Bars

As we have already indicated that Benjamin Maisani is the owner of three bars, his bars are located in the New York City. Benjamin's first gay bar is located on 505 E 6th St. and named as Easternbloc. His second bar is located on 40 Avenue C named Bedlam Bar & Lounge.

It was the year 2013 when he opened his third gay bar on 753 9th Ave, Atlas Social Club. According to dailymail.co.uk, Anderson Cooper was spotted at the inauguration ceremony of Benjamin's third bar. Alan Cumming, Kelly Ripa, Eve and Whoopi Goldberg were also spotted in the ceremony.

Benjamin is also the owner of the Sugarland Nightclub in Brooklyn which later sadly got closed in the year 2014. The name Benjamin is very much popular as NYC Night Club King. He is often seen visiting his own bars for administrative reasons.

Benjamin Maisani and Anderson Cooper

Benjamin Maisani and Anderson Cooper

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Benjamin Maisani's House

Benjamin Maisani is living together with his partner Anderson Cooper in Greenwich Village. The couple bought the house in the year 2009 and the price of their villa is around $4.3 million. The couple also owns several homes. 

They have owned a beautiful house in Connecticut which costs around $5 million to $9 million. Anderson Cooper also owns a waterfront in the Hamptons and its net worth is estimated to be around $1.7 million.  

Benjamin Maisani's Connecticut House

Benjamin Maisani's Connecticut House

Source: daily mail

Source: instagram

Source: instagram

Some people live their life different than the rest. This is what i would phrase this 'Perfect Couple'. They don't care what other say or how they judge them. Kinda spirit each one of us should possess in this cruel world. Wouldn't you agree?

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