Who is Ben Rappaport Dating Currently? Know about his Affairs and Relationship

January 5, 2018
First Published On: January 5, 2018

Ben Rappaport is not dating right now. That does not mean he is available. What we were trying to say is that The Good Wife actor is not available for a date because he is now a married man.

Yes, girls. Maintain a distance from the irresistibly handsome actor. Ben married his longtime girlfriend just two months ago. So he is definitely not gay. Stay on the page and don't forget to scroll because they have got an interesting love story to tell. 

Ben Rappaport Proposed his High School Rival

Ben Rappaport and his sweetheart, Megan Kane come from a long way back. They were rivals in high school before they fell in love. They competed in theatre and even threw him shade after his skill-less performance but she would not admit.

[ CAPTION: Ben Rappaport ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Later they went to the same college but still, it was not after 3rd year they finally met again. Both recognized each other and in that moment, Ben had known that he would marry her, probably. They started exchanging messages via Facebook.

[ CAPTION: Ben and his girlfriend celebrating a year after the pro ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Then Ben took Megan on their first date and each paid for their meals. Guess Megan insisted that she paid for her meals. The couple officially became a couple from August 2007. Sadly both had to return to their home, Megan to St. Louis and Ben to NYC after finishing college.

Despite the long distance, they were able to keep their relationship alive and strong. 8 years later he was planning a proposal to his gorgeous girlfriend with his friend Rob.  He had told,

If I book 'Fiddler On The Roof', I'm going to propose to Megan onstage.

It happened and on January 3rd, 2016 Ben proposed onstage at the Broadway Theatre while he was performing Fiddler On The Roof. Guess what she replied?

Ben and his Girlfriend, Megan Exchanged Vows 

A year later after the proposal, on September 29, 2017, Ben Rappaport and his future wife, Megan exchanged vows in front of selected and close friends and relatives. Congratulations to Ben and Megan.

[ CAPTION: Ben and Megan on their wedding day ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

The Outsourced lead actor and his wife must be in their Honeymoon phase at the moment. But their twitter comment exchange suggests otherwise.

[ CAPTION: Megan replies to her husband, Ben Rappaport ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

They even celebrated their first ever thanksgiving as a married couple together and Ben said it was wonderful and was thankful for marrying the most amazing woman in the world.

[ CAPTION: Ben and his wife, Megan celebrated their first thanksgiving ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

As far as his past affairs are concerned, Ben seems very loyal to his wife and girlfriend all the way as there are no any known records or rumors regarding the 31-year-old hunk's affairs.