Who is Andrea Pomeje? Is she still Single or Married? Know her Affairs and Relationship

January 4, 2018
First Published On: January 4, 2018

Andrea Pomeje is a famous DJ with a body of a model belonging to a beautiful country as her, Czech Republic.

Rumors have it that Andrea is a married woman. Let's explore her personal life and know if the gorgeous DJ is really taken or not?

Is she still Single or Married?

According to sources, Andrea Pomeje is off the dating market. Sorry guys, she is committed to former actor and producer, Jirka Pomeje. After dating for short period of time, they got married in Thailand at a Buddhist temple in January 2013.

[ CAPTION: Andrea Pomeje ][ SOURCE: Facebook ]

Her boyfriend and husband, Jirka had married twice before marrying her. His first marriage with Michael Kuklov lasted for 13 years and second marriage with Iva Bartošová lasted for 2 years only. Three years after the divorce, Pomeje had married his future wife, Andrea. 

[ CAPTION: Andrea Pomeje with her husband in Thailand ][ SOURCE: Facebook ]

Andrea and Jirka are enjoying their conjugal life for the past four years despite many people's presumptions that their marriage will fall apart sooner because of their huge age difference. Andrea Pomeje is 30 years old whereas her husband is 53 years old.

Andrea Pomeje says,

We are partners. Jirka is my best friend. If he were not my husband, I would wish him to be my best friend. By having 23 years of difference between us, I think we had somehow met in half. He froze somewhere and I caught him.

Know her Affairs and Relationship

Now moving on to her past affairs or relationships. There is no news of her past affairs known publicly.  However, the only thing bothered her was, his husband's ex-wife,  Iva Bartošová. They were speculations about Jirka getting back together with his ex-wife.

But over time, Andrea became used to the rumors and did not mind them. Rather she learned how to cope those fake news and she is a happy woman now. In August, exactly seven months after their marriage, the couple gave birth to a beautiful daughter, Anime Pomeje.

[ CAPTION: Andrea Pomeje with her husband and family ][ SOURCE: revue.idnes.cz ]

What we can assume is that the baby was conceived before their marriage. Now Anime is four years old and is part of the couple's beautiful family.

A few weeks before her delivery, Andre even tried modeling but she must have decided that modeling is not her cup of tea. 

Andrea Pomeje is best at what she does, making people dance and apart from her career she loves spending time with her family.