Who is Ana de Armas Dating after Divorce with Marc Clotet?

HitBerryPublished on   27 Oct, 2017Updated on   27 Oct, 2017

Many of us know Ana de Armas from the American movie "Knock Knock." She is a Cuban actress who is pretty and stunning. There are few  Hollywood Movies that has starred her, but that has been too impressive and hot to handle for fans.

Born in 1988, April 30, Ana de Armas spent most of her childhood growing up in Cuba. With her enthusiastic love for acting, she attended the National Theatre School of Cuba at the age of 12. To know more about Ana de Armas dating life, stay with us until the end.

Who is Ana de Armas Dating?

For most of the fans, Ana has been a girl of their dreams. Similarly, there are Spanish fans who recognize her from her early career roles in Spanish TV series "El Internado". But who is Ana de Arma making the love of her life?

Ana de Armas, source: instyle

Ana de Armas shares a lot through her Instagram. We can see that she is dating Franklin Latt. The couple seems to have been spending romantic time and also kissing passionately in some of her photos. However, they haven't appeared together in front of the media or any celebrity events.

This gorgeous lady is also believed to be in a relationship with Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez. First met on the set of "Hands of Stone," Ana and Edgar made their romance on the screen but is it true in real life? Sorry to let you folks down but they are not more than good friends.

Ana de Armas and Edgar Ramirez, source: Lacosarosa

While there are many gossips about Ana and Edgar's dating life, but she opens the truth and clarifies about their misunderstood relation. Rumors made Edgar Ramirez as her boyfriend, but in reality, she divorced Spanish actor/model Marc Clotet. Scroll down to know her past affairs.

Ana de Armas, source: VanityFair

Ana de Armas divorced Marc Clotet

Ana de Armas and Marc Clotet were once a sweet couple who got married in 2011. Their relationship, however, remains an enigma to the fans. Similarly, Ana de Armas and Marc weren't exactly the best couples that fans know, but they were once for one another.The couple spent more than a year together. Unfortunately, in 2013, the pair got divorced.

Ana de Armas and,` source: hola

Folks, you see Ana has gone through some of her experiences when it comes to handling relationships. She has been an excellent modern figure who has worked hard since her childhood and is busy building up her career. At the age of 29, she has already collected worldwide fans and enormous fame.

Ana de Armas, source: imgur

Therefore, we wish Ana de Armas best of luck for her career. And along with that, we hope she reveals about her spicy romantic life with Franklin Latt.