Who is Alysia Rogers? Is she Currently Single or Married? Know her Affairs and Relationship

January 5, 2018
First Published On: January 5, 2018
by Sam Smith

All of us are eager to know about the career and love life of the famous celebrities. But, are we also interested in the life of some of the struggling actors? One of such actors is Alysia Rogers.

Today, we are going to talk about the life of the actress Alysia Rogers. Her filming achievements, her love life, and her marital status made to our hot topic for today. Scroll down to know about Alysia Rogers and her life events:

Do you know who Alysia Rogers is?

Alysia Roger, an American actress, is known to the public and her fans by her talent and confidence. She had achieved a huge success from her career and still going on to achieve more success.

Kid's Play’s Class Act in 1992 and John Singleton’s debut Boyz n the Hood in 1991 is a very popular movie played by Alysia. She is also seen in some music video as well.

[ CAPTION: Past and Present Photo of Alysia Rogers ][ SOURCE: Pinterest]

Alysia Roger is a well-known actress since 1991 and is active till the date. She is also involved in some social work. The actress is also a social worker and seems to donate some of her earnings to the communities that help the youth.

Alysia Roger family and personal life

Besides her professional life, she doesn’t prefer to share much about her personal life and family background. So we are unknown about her parents, childhood, and education details.

[ CAPTION: Alysia Rogers ][ SOURCE: WickyPicky]

After digging up into her personal life, she is found to be single currently. According to some tabloid, it is known that she has a young daughter named as Cieana Stinson but we are unknown who the father of her daughter is.

Was she married in the past? Did she get a divorce? All of the answers to the question is not disclosed yet. As she also has not spoken about it, so it is very hard for us to reveal her true relationship status.

[ CAPTION: Alysia with her daughter ][ SOURCE: Pinterest]

Alysia Roger prefers to keep her personal life private so there is no rumor and controversies about her dating and married life. She has also preferred to keep her social media platform private. So we can only say that Alysia is supposed to be living her life single.

[ CAPTION: Alysia Rogers Selfie ][ SOURCE: Married Biography ]

All in all, we can say that she is taking a good care of her daughter as a single parent. She is also focusing on her career as well.