Who is Alberto Rosende dating? Does he have a girlfriend?

March 27, 2016
First Published On: March 27, 2016
by HitBerry

23 years old Alberto is wanted for his looks. Not only does he have a talent for acting but an inborn pretty boy face. Ladies love him and he has a lot of female fan following. With an average height of 5 feet 4 inch, he is regarded as one of the most handsome boy his age.

Not much of information about Alberto Rosende is available. His dating records are subject to complete secrecy. The only thing that we know about Alberto that he was dating his girlfriend Amanda Stewart a few years back. Actually, that is all we know. There are no records of them being together still or if they have broken up. Any other affair of his, if he had any, are still unknown.

Considering the fact at hand, he does not seem to be married yet. He might be thinking of Amanda as a potential wife, if they are still together.

Regarded as one of the immenent stars in the industry, Alberto Rosende has earned quite a good fame for himself. Having started his career with minor role of a swing dance in the short movie The Swing of Things, he has landed roles in major stream TV shows like Shadow Hunters and even appeared in other series like Blue Bloods and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. His current role of Simon Lewis in Shadow Hunters are praised by viewers and critics alike.

Alberto is an active user of social Media. He uses twitter, Instagram, as well as Facebook. He has thousands of followers and often posts pictures for his fans. More of his information can be found in his wiki or IMDB.

According to one of the sources, Alberto was diagnosed with cancer in 2013 but the result declared him cancer free. His ethnicity is Columbian and Cuban. He graduated from Tisch School of the Arts and has a degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Noted to be of charming personality, Alberto is very polite and kind with others. Unlike some other celebs out there, he does not have an ego despite his success and is very grateful for his co-worker for guiding and his fans for supporting him. According to the creator of the series, choosing the right cast was the most difficult task for the job, but the role of Simon was meant to be given to Alberto. Despite being exposed to this industry for no more than three years, he seems professional and adapt to the limelight and handles each situation perfectly. He is sure to be seen in many of the future movies and Television shows

There are no sources anywhere as of yet that has revealed his net worth. Since he is one of the rising starts and performed in few, it is estimated to be in hundreds of thousands.