Who is actress Taraji P. Henson married to? Who is her huband?

Marriage is a beautiful bond between two couples. Everyone wants to have a happy married life. But only a few of them gets such an opportunity to have it. Every day we hear lots of news related to love affairs and marriage of Hollywood celebs.

Today we will help you know love affairs and married life of Famous American actress Taraji P. Henson. Let's go through it.

Who is Taraji P. Henson married to?

The Gorgeous American actress Taraji is famous for her acting in different movies and tv shows.  She has debuted in many movies and tv shows.

Taraji P. Henson Source: pmctvline2.files.wordpress

Professional actress Taraji is ex-wife of William Lamar Johnson. In 1994 she got pregnant and in the same year, this lovely couples welcomed their son Marcell.  But their relation went downhill after their son was born.

Henson and her son Marcell Source: campuslately

Due to the misunderstanding between each other, this couple decided to separate with each other. But in 2003 William was sadly murdered.

Know present love affair of Henson

Break up nor divorce doesn't stop anyone from loving another person. Everyone falls in love after they find the perfect one for them. In the same way, Henson was not affected by it. Henson who has already got divorced with her beloved husband Michel was in a relation with NFL star Kelvin Hyden.

Henson with her beloved boyfriend Kelvin Source: i.dailymail

They were in a relationship since December 2015. They stayed in a relationship for just one and half year. Due to the mutual misunderstanding, they got separated with each other.

Well, after their breakup Taraji is single these days and is looking for a real lover.

Know past love affairs of Taraji

46 years old Henson has dated many boyfriends after her divorce with William. After starring together in  Baby Boy, Tyrese Gibson was believed to be dating each other.  But actors didn't mention officially.  In the early 2000s, Henson dated an actor, Hill Harper.  When asked why their relationship didn't last, Harper revealed that he has had a fear of commitment.

After that in the early 2000s and mid-2000s, Henson dated an actor, Hill Harper, and rapper, Common. But her relationship didn't last for long.  Taraji has also dated former NBA player, Lamar Odom and NFL player, Michael Strahan.