who is actress Madison Burge dating? What does she want in a boyfriend?

March 16, 2016
First published on:March 16, 2016
by HitBerry

Hey! If you are wondering who our young hottie Madison Burge dating, here is the latest update.

Apparently Burge is single but she certainly opens up about what she wants in her boyfriend.

Well! The actress talked to Peoples’ magazine this month about what she wants her boyfriend to be like. By this she does not mean not only the physical appearance but also the emotional well-being.

From the small casual talk with those reporters, we could infer that she might be against celebrities just for show. The actress might have some on and off relationships back then in college and school. However, after her career started taking a peak, she has not been caught in having much of an affair lately. May be she likes to keep her private life under the blanket.

Lately, she has opened up about having an interest in dating someone who would actually love her for who she is. She has to say that being actress is just the part of her profession, it does not fully define real Madison.

The actress is very active in social media especially in Facebook, twitter and instagram. She likes to post her latest news feed and keep the fans up to date. Some fans even have to say that she replies to their comments. This happens quite occasionally however, this shows that she is a kind of actress who sure is very successful but really shows up for fans.

From the post of her twitter, we might say she would be into someone who respects her profession and women as a whole. She must be sick of guys who would do anything to get into their pants and get the hell out.

The actress definitely is the one who likes to keep her personal life personal but fans sure can follow her in social media.

Madison Burge is an American actress whose fame is flamed up by the role of Becky Sproles in tv series, ‘Friday Night Lights’. With her amazing performance in the series, she got a ticket to the Hollywood.

After she got the role in the movie ‘Seven days in Utopia’ and the ABC family series ‘The lying Game’ in 2011. In the same year, she starred in the dark comedy and horror movie’ Human vs Zombies’. In 2013, she joined the final season of Dexter as Nikki.

The actress is famous for being hard working and being able to shine up with the character.

These days she is busy with her upcoming movies and series. The young actress has sighed more than three movies for this year.

The actress is versatile not only in acting but also in singing and writing lyrics.

The net worth of the actress in approximately $1.67 million.

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