Who is Actress Jill Marie Jones Married to? Find out her Boyfriend or Husband.

January 23, 2017
First published on:January 23, 2017
by HitBerry

With the dusky face and wavy hair, actress Jill Marie Jones has attracted everyone towards her. The very beautiful Jill has equally been adored for her looks as well as for the talent.

This particular article is for all the followers of Jill, who is actually spying on whether the lady is married or not, involved in any relationship or completely single. Read more:

Who is Jill Marie Jones married to?

Everyone is just so keen to know whether Jill Marie Jones is married or not, then there is very good news for those lady lovers. She is not married till the date. Even though she already mentioned the qualities she would seek in her future husband, she hasn't chosen any man for the marriage.

Jill Marie Jones

Jill Marie Jones

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There were rumors of her having a child which is actually not true. She is neither married nor have any children. But wait, it seems like she is completely falling in love with her pet dog Ciao Bello. She has frequently posted the pictures of her dog and the caption is something that makes every man jealous. Have a look below:


I LOVE this nut! We have a game, "Who's My Baby Boy"....and he goes WILD! LOVE me some him #CiaoBello

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We all know Jill has always been too much secretive regarding her personal information. She rarely speaks about her personal life thus there is a huge doubt whether this lady married secretly. For the confirmed news about her marriage, we must wait until she makes an announcement of her marriage life.

Know more about her past affairs

As indicated by whosdatedwho, Jill has been involved in three relationships in total. Jill once dated a Russian musician Peter Dranga in the year 2013. As previously, we have mentioned about her quiet nature, she has not ever revealed about how the couple met. However, the couple dated for a year and got separated in the year 2014.

Jill Marie Jones with Peter Dranga

Jill Marie Jones with Peter Dranga

Source: tumblr

Similarly, she was once dated an American actor Ray Liotta in the year 2006. The couple dated for a very short time, maybe for around only 5 months and got separated in the same year. The exact reason for their separation has still not been revealed.

Also, Jill enjoyed an affair with an actor Bryce Wilson in October 2005. The couple seemed to be happily involved with each other but looks like fate has something more. The couple dated for a very certain time and got separated in March 2006. Neither Jill nor Bryce has ever spoken a word regarding their relationship and separation.

Jill Marie Jones with Bryce Wilson

Jill Marie Jones with Bryce Wilson

Source: bdbphotos

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