Who is actress Aimee Teegarden dating? Rumors of a mystery boyfriend...

August 7, 2015
First published on:August 7, 2015
by HitBerry

Aimee Teegarden, the beautiful actress from the TV series ‘Arrested Developments’, may be dating again!! If recent reports are to be believed, Aimee is currently dating a secret boyfriend, whose name is yet to be revealed (and whose name we are dying to know!!!!). But, while this gossip has been spreading like wildfire within the industry, it has neither been confirmed nor denied by the actress herself. Teegarden, despite being well-known, has managed to keep her personal life very secret, which might be why she has been rather silent about the matter

While Aimee has managed to keep things private so far, sources asserted that she has been dating this mystery dude for a couple of months. It seems that, the stunning actress is currently very happy with the relationship and is very much in love. We hope to see some pictures of her boyfriend very soon, just to satisfy our curiosity.

 In 2010, before Teegarden met her current boyfriend, there was a rumor going on that the actress had been dating Zach Gilford, the actor who played the conflicted and lovable Matt Saracen on NBC's “Friday Night Lights”. Although there weren’t any confirmations even then, we could see the cute couple’s snaps on the internet. 

Zach Gilford is an American actor, recognized for his character in “Friday Night Lights”. Gilford made his feature film debut, co-starring in “The Last Winter”. In 2009, he co-starred in “Post Grad” opposite Alexis Bledel and in “Dare” opposite Emmy Rossum.

While we don’t know when exactly Gilford and Aimee’s broke up, the media only found out about it when the news of Zach and Kiele Sanchez came into limelight. They were seeing each other from the sets of television pilot for “The Matadors” and later they got married.

Actress Aimee Teegarden, age 25, is an American model as well as an actress. She was born in January 1989 in Downey, California. Her ethnicity is American. She started her acting career in 1990 with a guest appearance in CBS’ police procedural TV series “Cold Case” as Tina Bayes in an episode titled “Churchgoing People”. She was also a guest judge at the 2007 Miss Teen USA pageant. She appeared in movies like Scream 4 and Prom in 2011 and co-starred with Liam Hemsworth in the film Love and Honor in 2013.

The stunning actress is best known for her role in the hit television series “Friday Night Lights” from 2006 to 2011. During the TV show’s original lifetime run, she appeared in a total of 73 episodes.

Besides acting, this sizzling actress is also a brilliant model. She started her modeling career at the age of 10. She has appeared in PETA’s anti-fur campaign advert. Teegarden was also seen in IHOP commercial in 2007. She modeled for brands such as Hollister and Old Navy.

A passionate surfer, Aimee is fond of animals and the ocean. Aimee’s support for Oceana began when she attended the annual Sea Change Summer Party in 2011 and grew in 2012 as she incorporated her activism and love of surfing in a PSA to spread knowledge about the need to protect our ocean’s special habitats. Most recently, she co-hosted the 2013 Nautica Oceana Beach House in Santa Monica, CA, along with supporters Keegan Allen and Tyler Blackburn.

Teegarden is very active in the social media. She connects with her fans through Twitter and Instagram. She has numerous followers on Twitter and above 200k followers on Instagram.  She frequently uses these sites to upload her pictures and share her thoughts with the world.