Who is Actor Stephen Colletti dating? Rumors of a new girlfriend... and a tattoo???

August 6, 2015
First Published On: August 6, 2015
by HitBerry

Stephen Colletti, best known for his role in the hit TV series One Tree Hill, might be dating again. Insiders reveal that the hot actor has been dating a new mystery woman these days which has left us wondering who his latest love interest might be. If rumors are to be believed, the pair has been dating for quite a while now. But he has managed to keep it all secret so far.

The handsome actor had previously dated Chelsea Kane starting from March 2011. But the pair were rumored to have broken up in 2013 after two years of relationship. However, that’s all in the past now because the handsome actor might have a new girlfriend. Apart from Chelsea Kane, who is a Disney star, he has also dated other actresses like Hayden Panettiere, Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari.

Colletti dated Panettiere from 2006 and their relationship ended in 2007. The love triangle between Colletti, Conrad and Cavallari was the hottest focus on the MTV reality series- Laguna Beach. The hot actor and the beautiful Kristen Cavallari were high school sweethearts. The ending of their relationship was documented on the show- Laguna Beach. This pretty boy has a great social life which has helped him date a lot of beautiful women.

We also hear that he has got a new tattoo???  We are not sure what exactly he got or where he got it. But we are dying to find out. We hope to see him on a beach soon, just to confirm whether or not he really has a new tattoo.

Colletti is a fantastic actor who has done remarkable work on all his movies and TV shows. He was born in California to parents, Lorilee and Bruce Colletti. He attended Laguna Beach High School and San Francisco State University for his education. He has one older brother, John and an older sister, Lauren. He began his acting career since 2004.

He first appeared in the MTV drama series Laguna Beach in 2004. He appeared in the first and second season of the show. He did not return for the third season. Then in 2007, he was offered a role in the hit drama One Tree Hill and he took it. The role made him quite popular with the teens all over the world. He recently attended a reunion of the same show along with all the cast members. They all seemed very happy and still seemed to be in good terms with each other. From the pictures we could find on the internet, it looked like they all had a great time together.

Apart from his good looks and hot body, Colletti is a very talented actor. He has also appeared in a number of movies like What We Became, Kill Katie Malone, All About Christmas Eve, Normal Adolescent Behavior, etc.

Colletti is quite active in the social media. He regularly posts his pictures on Instagram. He has got 275k followers on the site. He is also quite active on twitter. He has got 279k followers on the site and he tweets regularly. He likes to stay connected to his fans through these sites.