Who is actor David Lambert dating right now? Does he have a new girlfriend? Or is he gay?

August 13, 2015
First Published On: August 13, 2015
by HitBerry

David Lambert has a staggering 214 thousand followers on Twitter, 242 thousand on Instagram and millions of fans in real life. There are countless girls who would do literally anything to spend some time with him. He is basically one of the most loved actors on TV right now. So who would not want to be his girlfriend?

His girlfriend would be the luckiest person in the whole. We are not just judging Mr. Cool by his good looks and great physique; we are saying this on the basis of his gentleman traits and positivity. The girl who will be part of his life must surely be very fortunate.

At the moment, there are many conflicting rumors regarding this young actor’s dating life. According to some, the hot actor is currently single but there are others who claim that he is hooking up with some mystery girl.

If he really turns out to be single right now, there’s still a chance for all his beautiful lady fans to impress him. All you beauty queens need to brace yourselves because there’s a chance that you would finally win your dream man’s heart.

Lambert, aged 21 is presently one of the most happening personalities in Hollywood right now. And rumor has it that the Fosters’ star is looking for a girlfriend who is suitable for him. David who is best known for his acting role as Brandon Fosters in ABC drama ‘Fosters’ is rumored to be looking for someone to date. So is it really true?

As we mentioned before, despite the hearsay about him being single and looking for somebody to love, several sources have reported that the actor is already dating someone. One party says that Lambert is single while the other party says that the young and energetic actor is currently having a fling with someone.

As per an insider, the Lifeguard star has a secret girlfriend whose identity he wants to keep hidden so that he and his new partner won’t be bothered by the prying eyes of the media. So if Lambert is dating someone already, then why so are the gossipmongers giving false hope to his love struck fans with the news that he is single?

The promising actor has been successful in keeping his personal life within closed circle. Despite the curiosity of his fans and media, Lambert has been laying low with his private life and keeping it away from the all the Hollywood buzz. So far, there has been no information about his past relationships. But, it was reported that this dashing young man was in a relationship with actress Kaya Rosenthal previously. They were seen together very often and were even seen clicking pictures together in a close embrace.  But nothing new has been heard of this alleged couple and it has been already made clear that David indeed is not seeing anyone. So who is this mystery girl, they all are talking about? Does the so-called mystery girl even exist?

Speculations are also high that our dear Lambert is gay. Because of his low profile private life, it is also being said that the hot actor is into men not women. There are several claims which say that the reason behind Lambert’s hushed up romantic affairs is him being a gay.

Well, whoever the young star likes or doesn’t like is really up to him. We just want to see him happy!!