Who is Heather Lind?Who is she Dating Currently?Know about her Affairs and Relationship

The American actress, Heather Lind, best known for portraying the role of Anna Strong in Turn: Washington's Spies is going super strong with her acting career but what about her personal life. Is she married or dating someone else?


The 35 years' actress has a very successful ongoing career as she has got a chance to appear in a dozen movie and series. Well, we might be aware of her professional life. Don't we? Today in the particular column we will be discussing her personal life matters as to how it is going on? So stick to the page to know it all.

Heather Lind Relationship Status

Being one of the famous American actresses, she has a very successful career, but equally, she has been very silent when it comes to sharing her personal life. She has always preferred to keep her personal life at the bay.

CAPTION: Heather Lind
SOURCE: In Touch Weekly

After a long research, we came to know that, the actress has deleted her Instagram where she used to share some of her personal life-related posts; but she deleted her Instagram after she claimed that the former president of the USA, George H. W Bush sexually harassed her. Later on, George H. W Bush apologized for it.

CAPTION: George H. W Bush apologized with Heather Lind
SOURCE: Business Insider UK

So, it's very difficult for us to say a single word regarding her personal life. As per the most of tabloid source, she is not married till the date. While talking about her love affairs, she is not spotted romantically with any guy. So, possibly she might be single and focusing on her work. She also doesn't have any record of dating anyone in her past.

Heather Lind's Relationship with Sister

Heather has one sister, Christina Lind who is her twin. She is also a well-renowned actress in Hollywood. Well, being human its the nature of getting jealous of people of same filed if they are more successful than you. This nature also applies to the blood relationship but in the case of Heather and Christiana, this nature doesn't exist.

CAPTION: Heather Lind with her sister, Christina Lind SOURCE: Fordham News

They are very supportive of each other and help in every step. They always praised each other for more success. The two sister use to spent quality time with each other. They use to be seen together in most of the event. Hope their relationship will never be spoiled by their common and competitive career.

Some Facts you need to know about Heather Lind

1. Heather Lind was born on March 22, 1983, in Pennsylvania.
2. She was raised in Guilderland, New York.
3. Her father, Ted Lind was a painter while her mother, Judy Lind was a school teacher.
4. She has a twin sister Christina Lind, who is also an actress.
5. Besides acting she is also known as a producer.
6. Her debut is in "The Merchant of Venice" where she portrayed the role of Jessica.
7. She has also narrated an audiobook named Clockwork Prince.
8. In the year 2017, she accused George H. W Bush of harassing sexually.
9. She has a net worth of around $2 million.
10. Her hobbies and aims are to travel all around the world.