Who Has Taylor Kitsch Dated? Exploring His Romantic History

Taylor Kitsch is best known for bringing the character of Tim Riggins to life in the TV show "Friday Night Lights." The actor is currently flying solo in the romance department. 

Although Kitsch is not currently bound, his dating history shows he has been with some notable women. Some of the popular names he has dated are Rachel McAdams, Minka Kelly, and Jessica White. Let's take a deep dive into his relationship history.

Currently Living A Single Life

Taylor Kitsch finds himself navigating the single life, guiding his ship with a focus on private growth and professional career. As he sails through the ocean of opportunities, it remains a piece of a mystery whether he's ready to dip his toes back into the courting pool or if he's content living a solo life at the moment. 

TaylorTaylor Kitsch in a Photoshoot SOURCE: Taylor Kitsch Instagram @taylorkitsch

Kitsch's dedication to self-discovery and professional endeavors shows he's savoring the adventure of self-improvement. Fans are wondering if Cupid's arrow will discover its mark in his heart soon or if he is content with his life and not getting entangled in a relationship at the moment. Only time will tell.

Previous Relationships And Rumors Of The Actor

Rachel McAdams

Taylor Kitsch and Rachel McAdams' love story started to bloom within the early months of 2015. Their connection blossomed on the set of the crime drama series, "True Detective," sparking hopes of an enduring romance. However, the Hollywood love affair proved to be a fleeting chapter in their lives, because the couple decided to component ways using the quit of the same year. 

The details surrounding Kitsch and McAdams' breakup continue to be shrouded in mystery. It has left fans to wonder about the undisclosed motives that caused the cease of their relationship. Despite the brief time spent together, the echoes in their on-display chemistry and the glimpses into their real-existence connection continue to captivate the imaginations of fans who fondly do not forget the quick intersection of these proficient actors' lives.

Jennifer Welch

Kitsch’s name once danced with Jennifer Welch’s name in the fall of 2014. A notable occasion was the actor's and the fitness instructor's joint appearance at the sixth annual African Children's Choir Transforming Gala held at City Winery in New York in November 2014. 

JenniferTaylor Kitsch ex-partner, Jennifer Welch SOURCE: Jennifer Welch Instagram @mizzwelch

The event painted a picture of friendship and inspired curiosity. It's common in Hollywood for gossip to come out of anything. Kitsch and Welch's rumored romance makes their time together another story in a long part of a Hollywood fascination.

Minka Kelly

The summer of 2007 added a swirl of speculations and whispers as Taylor Kitsch and Minka Kelly observed themselves in the middle of romantic rumors which were later proven to be true. Their on-screen partnership at the famous TV drama, "Friday Night Lights," spilled over into real life as they navigate the delicate dance of love behind the curtain. 

Despite their plain chemistry, Kitsch and Kelly chose to keep their relationship under wraps. They attended occasions collectively without explicitly confirming their status at the time. However, as the seasons changed, so did the reputation of their relationship, and by way of 2008, the whispers of a summertime fling had faded away as they ended their relationship and moved on with their life.

The Relationship Was Toxic

Kitsch and Minka Kelly had a turbulent love story. The shadow of a toxic relationship cast a long and complicated spell, as their romance played out in "Friday Night Lights." This was brought to light in the actress' memoir 'Tell Me Everything,' as reported in US Magazine. This relationship left an indelible mark on Minka herself, and her professional life. 

MinkaMinka Kelly with her book 'Tell Me Everything' SOURCE: Minka Kelly Instagram @minkakelly

In the pages of her memoir, Kelly spoke candidly about the impact of their turbulent relationship, saying, "All the effort I might have invested in connecting consistently with the girls on the show went to Taylor. So when my relationship with Taylor became toxic, I had no one to turn to.” 

The toxicity spilled over the set, creating an atmosphere of discomfort and tension. From the hair and makeup trailer or the van from base camp to set, the awkwardness in those moments affected the entire cast and crew. Their story shows the complications that arise when personal relationships break down and the lack of strength to handle an emotional rollercoaster ends up affecting everyone involved or associated.

Jessica White

Rumors of love in the crowded world of celebrity surrounded Taylor Kitsch and supermodel Jessica White back in 2006. The spark that lit these rumors was a hot calendar shoot collaboration for GQ, where their chemistry rolled off the pages. The steamy photoshoot left fans to wonder if the flames spread beyond the bright spots. 

However, Kitsch and White's alleged relationship was shrouded in suspicion, with no official confirmation. Their alleged relationship became an erotic little story in the archives of Hollywood gossip, a frozen moment in time through a calendar shoot that left more questions than answers.

Laura Csortan

Taylor Kitsch and former Miss Australia Laura Xortan participated in a reported romantic encounter many years ago. According to Lainey Gossip, this mysterious hookup happened in October 2008, when the actor was shooting in Australia for his role as Gambit in Hugh Jackman's "Wolverine." 

Details surrounding Kitsch and Xortan's relationship remained shrouded in secrecy, adding an air of intrigue to this phase of the actor's life. Unfortunately, the specifics of their meeting are limited.


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