Who Has Laura Dern Dated? A Comprehensive List of Her Past Partners

Laura Dern, she's a famous American actress, you might remember her as Ellie from "Jurassic Park." But she's been in a bunch of other cool movies and TV shows too, like "Marriage Story," "Blue Velvet," "Wild," and "Little Women." She's a talented actress who can play all kinds of different roles, and people love watching her on screen.

Dern, who was once married to Ben Harper, has had some interesting relationships in the past. She's dated Baron Davis, Billy Bob Thornton, Jeff Goldblum, and many others. It seems like she's had her fair share of love adventures in Hollywood! 

What Is Dern's Current Relationship Status?

As for Laura Dern's current relationship status, it's a bit of a mystery. She's been pretty private about her love life lately and hasn't shared much with the public. So, we can't say for sure whether she's in a relationship right now or not. 

LauraLaura Dern with Taylor Swift SOURCE: Laura Dern Instagram @lauradern

Maybe Laura is enjoying her single life, or perhaps she's keeping things under wraps for personal reasons. It's unclear whether she's looking to dive into a new relationship anytime soon. Whatever her choice, we wish her all the happiness in the world!

About Laura Dern's Only Marriage

Laura Dern's only marriage was with Ben Harper, and they tied the knot back in December 2005. It was a significant chapter in her life where they committed to share their journey. 

Laura's only marriage was quite a special one. She and Harper dated for five years before deciding to take the big step and get married in 2005. What makes it even more charming is that they chose to exchange their vows in a small, intimate ceremony right in their Los Angeles home. 

Dern's story with Harper started in a pretty cool way. They first crossed paths when they met at one of his concerts in 2000. It's like a scene from a romantic movie where two people from different worlds connect through the magic of music. 

The Divorce With Her Only Husband

Laura and Ben's divorce journey had its ups and downs. In 2010, he made the tough decision to file for divorce from the actress, stating "irreconcilable differences" as the reason. It's always sad when a marriage goes through such a difficult phase. There was a brief period of reconciliation in 2012, where they tried to work things out. 

BenLaura Dern's ex-husband, Ben Harper SOURCE: CBS Sunday Morning YouTube Channel

However, it seems that their differences couldn't be resolved, as Laura and Ben ended up divorcing anyway. Finally, in September 2013, the details of their divorce were officially settled. It's a reminder that relationships can be complex, and sometimes, despite efforts to mend them, they come to an end.

Baron Davis Was Dern's Last Known Relationship

Baron Davis, the basketball player, was Laura Dern's last known relationship before things got quiet on her romantic front. They had a brief fling in 2017, and the paparazzi managed to capture a moment where they were seen making out. 

It's a bit of a mystery when it comes to Dern's relationship with Davis because she never really opened up about it publicly. Also, they were never seen together after that one paparazzi moment in 2017. She continues to shine in her career, and maybe one day she'll share more about her love life, but for now, it remains a bit of a mystery.

Dern's Former Partner Left Her For Angelina Jolie

Laura had a challenging time when it came to her engagement with Billy Bob Thornton. It's said that Billy Bob ended their engagement to be with Angelina Jolie, which must have been a tough experience for the actress. Heartbreaks are never easy, and when they happen in such a public way, it can be even more challenging. 

BillyBilly Bob Thornton with Angelina Jolie SOURCE: Entertainment Tonight YouTube Channel

Dern and Thornton's relationship had quite a timeline. They first crossed paths in 1997, a time when Billy was divorcing his fourth wife, Pietra Dawn Cherniak. Despite his ongoing divorce, he and Laura got engaged in 1999, and it seemed like they were on the path to marriage. However, as fate would have it, around the same time, he met Angelina Jolie, and things took an unexpected turn. 

Laura Discovered Thornton's Relationship The Harsh Way

Dern's discovery of Thornton's marriage to Angelina Jolie through a tabloid headline must have been incredibly shocking and painful for her. Imagine going off to work on a movie project, only to come back and find out your partner had not only married someone else but had also completely disappeared from your life. It's a situation that nobody would wish for, and the suddenness of it all must have been incredibly tough to deal with. 

Laura's candid admission, as mentioned in Showbiz CheatSheet about how she was ghosted by Billy Bob in the process adds a layer of heartbreak to the story. Her strength in sharing her experience serves as a reminder that even in the face of unexpected and hurtful situations, one can find the courage to move forward and continue their journey.

Previously Engaged To Her Jurrasic Park Co-Actor

Dern and Jeff Goldblum's love story has a unique twist to it. They first starred together in the 1993 blockbuster "Jurassic Park," but interestingly, they didn't start dating during the filming. It wasn't until after the movie that they realized their feelings for each other. 

Goldblum was smitten from the very beginning, as mentioned in an article from E! News, and it's a sweet reminder that sometimes the best things in life take a little time to unfold. His and Laura's connection grew stronger once they had some time apart from the movie set, and it eventually blossomed into a romantic relationship.

Laura and Jeff's relationship had its ups and downs. They got engaged in 1995, which was a joyous moment in their love story. However, after two years, their journey took a different turn, and they decided to part ways. Despite their romantic relationship coming to an end, they managed to remain friends. 

In 2022, fans were delighted to see them reunited on-screen for the first time in "Jurassic World: Dominion." It's pretty special when actors who share a history both on and off-screen can come together again for a project, and it was a nostalgic moment for fans of "Jurassic Park."

Other Relationship Of The Actress

Laura Dern's love life has had its share of interesting moments. In the early '80s, she briefly dated Treat Williams after meeting him on the set of the movie "Smooth Talk." The actress and Kyle MacLachlan's love story blossomed after they crossed paths on the set of the cult classic film "Blue Velvet" in 1986. Their on-screen chemistry turned into a real-life romance. For about four years, they shared their lives and experiences. 

In the early '90s, Dern and Renny Harlin's paths crossed, thanks to mutual friends in the entertainment industry. They found something special in each other and decided to give romance a try. Their relationship lasted for about a year. Her journey through love has seen some interesting twists. One such twist was her romance with Nicolas Cage, which began while they were filming the 1990 movie "Wild at Heart." Despite their passionate connection, the two decided to part ways in 1991. 

Dern and Vincent Spano's love story started on the set of the film "Alive." For a while, they enjoyed being a couple, sharing both the ups and downs that come with love. However, like many relationships in the entertainment industry, they eventually decided to go their separate ways and concentrate on their careers. 

In 2016, rumors of a budding romance between Dern and Common had everyone talking. They were spotted sharing a meal at a Beverly Hills restaurant in April, which naturally sparked a lot of curiosity. What added to the intrigue was the fact that she introduced the rapper to her two children, Ellery and Jaya. This move suggested that their relationship was becoming more serious, but they haven't disclosed much about it.


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