Who Has Chad Johnson Dated? A Deep Dive into His Relationship History

Chad Johnson was once a wide receiver in American football for the Cincinnati Bengals. He has found love again. He's engaged to Sharelle Rosado. Before, he was married to Evelyn Lozada. 

But now, Johnson is moving forward with Sharelle by his side. They're excited about their future together. They are grateful for the love they've found in each other. Let's have a look at his love life.

Engaged To Sharelle Rosado

Met Through Social Media

Chad Johnson and Sharelle Rosado's love story started on Instagram. She reached out to him. Both of them felt a connection right away, but they didn't rush into anything. 


Chad Johnson with his fiancée, Sharelle Rosado SOURCE: Instagram @ochocinco

It took a few years before Chad and Sharelle decided to move their relationship forward. She mentioned, "We were friends, and then I stopped talking to him." However, they rekindled their connection later on. 

The Engagement

Johnson's proposal to Rosado was a beautiful moment that took place on January 7, 2023. He surprised her with a stunning oval-cut engagement ring, weighing 7 1/2 carats. 

The proposal was captured in a heartfelt video where Rosado's emotions overflowed. Tears welled up in her eyes as Johnson presented the exquisite ring, symbolizing their commitment to each other. 

Have A Child Together

Chad and Sharelle have expanded their family with the arrival of their daughter, Serenity "Hurricane" Paula. She was born on January 2, 2022. 


Chad Johnson's daughter, Serenity Paula SOURCE: Instagram @sharellerosado_

The news of Sharelle's pregnancy was revealed while the cameras were rolling for the show "Selling Tampa." Serenity is retired footballer's eighth child.

Sharelle's Crush For The Football Player

Sharelle's admiration for Chad goes way back. She revealed on the "I Am Athlete" podcast that she had a crush on him for a long time. 

Describing Johnson as "sexy, tall, chocolate," Rosado couldn't help but gush over his charm and appeal. Her confession shows the deep-rooted attraction she had towards him, making their eventual engagement even more special. 

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About Johnson's Fiancée

Sharelle Rosado is a remarkable individual with a diverse background. She is a successful real estate broker and the CEO of Allure Realty, a brokerage in Tampa. She's also starred in Netflix's "Selling Tampa." 


Sharelle Rosado in a Photoshoot SOURCE: Instagram @sharellerosado_

Rosado's journey to success is even more extraordinary considering her past in the United States Army. As a paratrooper, she served her country for 13 years, completing two deployments to Afghanistan before retiring. 

Previous Marriage To Evelyn Lozada

The Engagement

Chad Johnson's previous marriage to Evelyn Lozada began with a whirlwind romance. After just four months of dating, he decided to take the next big step and propose. 

The proposal took place in November 2010. Johnson went all out and presented Lozada with a dazzling 10-carat engagement ring, symbolizing his commitment to her. 

Married In Front Of Cameras

Johnson and Lozada's love story culminated in a beautiful wedding after a two-year engagement. On July 4, 2012, they tied the knot in a picturesque ceremony held in Saint Martin. 


Chad Johnson and his ex-wife, Evelyn Lozada SOURCE: Pinterest

The couple exchanged heartfelt vows surrounded by their loved ones. They also had a camera crew capturing every moment for their VH1 reality show, "Ev and Ocho."

Physical Violence Ended The 41 Day Marriage

Chad and Evelyn's marriage ended abruptly due to a distressing incident of physical violence. She made the difficult decision to file for divorce after just 41 days of marriage. 

It happened after the former Cincinnati Bengals player allegedly head-butted Lozada during an argument. The dispute erupted over a condom receipt that she discovered in Chad's car, leading to a heated confrontation, as mentioned in an article from Bleacher Report

The altercation resulted in Evelyn sustaining lacerations to her head, requiring medical treatment. The repercussions of Chad's actions were swift and severe. Just within 24 hours of his arrest, the Miami Dolphins terminated his contract. 

A Failed Engagement?

Chad's reported failed engagement to a woman named Maya has stirred up speculation. Yet, the details remain elusive. According to various accounts, the two were engaged in May 2008. They separated in January 2010. 

However, the concrete details about Johnson and Maya's engagement and subsequent breakup are scarce. Without more information, it's challenging to ascertain the full truth behind their relationship. 

Other Past Relationships

Chad Johnson's romantic history is quite extensive, with relationships spanning different years. He has been involved with Crystal Barbie Bates, Kimberly Yohman, K. Michelle, and Lauren Popeil, all in 2013. 

The wide receiver was also involved with Teyana Taylor, and Trina in 2005. Additionally, Chad has been linked with Corinne Olympios, although specific dates for this relationship are not provided. These relationships showcase Chad's active dating life and interactions with various women over the years. 


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