Who Has Angie Dickinson Dated? Get the Inside Scoop on Her Romantic Partners

Angie Dickinson is a renowned actress who had a captivating love life that encompassed relationships with famous men, including Frank Sinatra and Burt Bacharach. Her on-and-off affair with Sinatra spanned two decades and came close to leading them down the aisle.

However, fate had different plans, and Dickinson eventually settled for marriage to someone else. This blog post delves into Angie Dickinson's romantic journey, shedding light on her relationships, aspirations, and the challenges she faced.

The Early Years and Marriage to Gene Dickinson:

Angie Dickinson and Gene Dickinson took their wedding vows on June 2nd, 1952 in a private ceremony, embarking on a journey of marriage filled with hopes and dreams. During their time together, Angie formed close friendships with John Kenneth Galbraith and Catherine Galbraith. However, their relationship faced significant challenges due to incidents of infidelity that strained their bond and tested their commitment to each other.

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Throughout their marriage, rumors, and speculations circulated about Angie's alleged involvement with prominent figures, including Frank Sinatra and even John F. Kennedy. Despite Angie's consistent denials and her staunch loyalty to her husband, the weight of these rumors took a toll on their relationship, eroding trust and creating emotional turmoil. The constant scrutiny and doubt surrounding their marriage ultimately contributed to its demise.

In 1968, Angie and Gene made the difficult decision to part ways, choosing separate paths for their futures. Despite the end of their marital relationship, Angie decided to retain her ex-husband's surname, a testament to the shared history and the significant moments they had experienced together.

The Tempestuous Affair with Frank Sinatra:

Angie Dickinson and Frank Sinatra shared a captivating and unforgettable connection during their time working together on the film "Ocean's 11." Despite being an established star of the 1950s, Angie found herself unexpectedly falling head over heels for the legendary crooner known as "Ol' Blue Eyes." In an interview, Angie revealed that Sinatra was, without a doubt, the love of her life. She spoke highly of his extraordinary talent as both an actor and a singer, acknowledging his ability to excel in any artistic challenge.

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The sparks between Angie and Sinatra were undeniable, and their relationship grew remarkably close during the filming of "Ocean's 11." Their connection was so intense that they seriously contemplated tying the knot in 1964. However, Angie was hesitant to enter into a marriage with Sinatra, as she recognized the difficulties that would come with his late-night lifestyle and the challenges of being his partner. Additionally, Angie held deep admiration and respect for Sinatra's ex-wife, Nancy, which played a role in her decision-making.

Although marriage was not in the cards for Angie and Sinatra, their bond remained etched in her heart as an extraordinary and cherished memory. Their time together on and off the set of "Ocean's 11" left an indelible mark on Angie's life, and she fondly reminisced about their connection as one that brought her joy and happiness. Sinatra's talent, charisma, and complexities made a profound impact on Angie, and she will always hold a special place for him as the love of her life.

Settling for Burt Bacharach:

After parting ways with Sinatra, Angie Dickinson found solace and companionship in Burt Bacharach, a renowned composer.. The couple exchanged vows in 1965, embarking on a marriage that would last until their official separation in 1981. However, their relationship was not without its challenges.

In his memoir, Bacharach revealed his infidelity during their marriage, shedding light on the difficulties they faced. Despite these struggles, Dickinson and Bacharach remained together for many years, navigating the ups and downs of their personal lives and careers.

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While their marriage eventually came to an end, the bond between Dickinson and Bacharach endured beyond their divorce. They maintained a connection and shared a history that couldn't be erased. Their relationship served as a chapter in Dickinson's life, one that taught her lessons about love, forgiveness, and resilience.

Their union also brought forth the joy of parenthood, as they welcomed their daughter, Lea Nikki Bacharach, into the world. However, the relationship suffered from a lack of the deep love and respect that Dickinson yearned for, ultimately leading to their separation.

Alleged Affairs and Real Connections:

Throughout her life, Angie Dickinson found herself at the center of rumors and speculation surrounding her romantic relationships. One prominent rumor revolved around an alleged affair with President John F. Kennedy. Although flattered by the association with such a charismatic figure, Dickinson adamantly denied any romantic involvement with Kennedy and ensured that they had never dated. The rumor persisted, casting a shadow over her personal life and adding to her mystique.

Another significant connection in Dickinson's life was her relationship with Johnny Carson, the renowned host of the "Tonight Show." Their on-screen chemistry and playful banter during Dickinson's appearances on the show sparked speculation about a potential romantic involvement between the two. Many viewers sensed a strong attraction between them, fueling the rumors further. However, both Dickinson and Carson maintained that their relationship was purely professional and rooted in friendship.

While their chemistry was undeniable, circumstances prevented their relationship from evolving into a romantic one. Carson's demanding career and personal commitments, including multiple marriages, created obstacles that stood in the way of a deeper connection. Despite the missed opportunity for a romantic relationship, Dickinson and Carson cherished their friendship and continued to hold a mutual admiration for each other.

The speculation surrounding Dickinson's rumored affairs and her connection with Carson added a layer of intrigue to her public persona. These rumors, although often unfounded, contributed to the fascination and allure surrounding her personal life. Ultimately, Dickinson remained steadfast in her denial of the alleged affairs and focused on her successful career and personal happiness.