Who Did Sean Connery Love? Unveiling the Partners of the Legendary Actor

Sean Connery was a famous actor known for playing the iconic character James Bond (popular as the original Bond) in several thrilling movies. His Bond films include "Diamonds Are Forever," "Never Say Never Again," "You Only Live Twice," "Thunderball," "Dr. No," "From Russia with Love," and "Goldfinger." 

Connery sadly passed away on October 31, 2020, with the cause of death being respiratory failure. At the time of his passing, he was married to Micheline Roquebrune. He was a very successful actor and had a net worth of $350 million, which is a significant amount of money. Let's discover his love life.

Who Was Connery's Wife At The Time Of His Death?

Sean Connery's wife at the time of his death was Micheline Roquebrune. They had a long and enduring marriage that began in a private ceremony in Gibraltar on May 6, 1975, and continued until the Scottish actor's passing on October 31, 2020. Their union lasted for several decades, and they shared many moments during their life as couple. 

MichelineLate Sean Connery and his wife, Micheline Roquebrune SOURCE: Nicki Swift YouTube Channel

Connery passed away peacefully in his sleep on October 31, 2020, at his home in Lyford Cay, in the Bahamas. His cause of death was attributed to respiratory failure, primarily due to pneumonia. Additionally, he had been dealing with atrial fibrillation. Remarkably, the actor lived to the age of 90 years, leaving behind a legacy of iconic performances.

How Had The Bond Met His Wife?

James Bond, or rather the man who portrayed him, Connery, met his wife Roquebrune in 1970 at a golf tournament held in Morocco. At the time, both had experienced previous marriages; she had been married twice before, while the actor had already separated from his first wife, Cilento. 

Despite their pasts, both Connery and Roquebrune instantly connected, and their bond grew stronger. Their connection was so intense that they even embarked on a romantic journey within just 24 hours of meeting each other. This whirlwind romance eventually led to their marriage in 1975.

When Roquebrune first met Connery, she had no idea that he was an A-list actor. She was drawn to his "fine physique," appreciating his physical presence, but she did not know his fame. At that moment, he was just a person, not a movie star. Their initial encounter was a genuine connection based on their personalities rather than their celebrity status. 

Early Struggles Of Connery And Roquebrune's Love Life

In the early days of Connery and Roquebrune's relationship, they faced a unique challenge: they couldn't speak the same language. However, this language barrier didn't pose a problem for the two. The two communicated through body language. Their connection transcended words, and they found ways to express their feelings and emotions through non-verbal communication.

MichelineMicheline Roquebrune in an interview SOURCE: OSSA YouTube Channel

During the initial stages of their romance, late Connery and Roquebrune faced the challenge of being separated by distance. As mentioned in The Sun, Micheline was living in North Africa with her children, while Sean's life was in Hollywood. Despite this geographical separation, their love endured, and over time, they decided to start a life together.

Who Was The Bond Previously Married To?

Before marrying Roquebrune, Sean Connery was previously married to actress Diane Cilento. They tied the knot on November 29, 1962, and their marriage lasted until August 2, 1974. They had married at a time when both of them were at the beginning of their careers, full of youthful ambition and dreams. 

Connery and Cilento's partnership, while it had its moments of happiness, eventually came to an end, but it marked an important chapter in the Scottish actor's life. She was an accomplished actress in her own right.

Cilento hailed from Queensland, Australia. She was talented actress who, in 1964, received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the film "Tom Jones." She also starred in several other notable movies, including "The Wicker Man," "The Angel Who Pawned Her Harp," and "Hombre." 

Cilento's life came to a close on October 6, 2011, in Cairns, Queensland. She passed away at Cairns Base Hospital, succumbing to cancer at age of 78. Her battle with cancer marked challenging period in her life, but her contributions to the world of entertainment and her legacy in the film industry continue to be celebrated by fans.

How Had Connery And His First Wife Crossed Path?

Connery and his first wife, Cilento, first crossed paths while working together in the play "Anna Christie" by Eugene O'Neill. However, it's worth noting that at the time of their initial encounter, she was already married to Italian writer Andrew Volpe and was expecting child, as mentioned in an article from the New Zealand Herald. The circumstances surrounding their meeting were complex.

DianeLate Sean Connery's first wife Diane Cilento SOURCE: ABC News (Australia) YouTube Channel

Before his marriage to Cilento, Connery was in relationship with photographer Julie Hamilton. However, one day, Bond made remark that changed course of his romantic life. He told Hamilton, "Diane Cilento has got incredible eyes," which sparked heated argument between them. Eventually, the two parted ways, and his journey with Cilento began.

Was Connery Abusive Towards Cilento?

In her autobiography "My Nine Lives," Cilento made allegations that Connery had subjected her to both mental and physical abuse during their relationship. These are serious accusations that shed light on the challenges and difficulties they faced as a couple. 

According to Cilento, there was a distressing incident during their relationship. She described a night when she had been drinking, and Connery was waiting for her in their room. Once inside, in the darkness, she unexpectedly felt a blow to her face that knocked her to the floor. The situation quickly escalated into a tumultuous and frightening confrontation.

Cilento attempted to defend herself, but she received another blow that sent her flying. In a desperate effort to seek safety, she managed to reach the bathroom and locked herself inside. She spent the rest of that night huddled on the bathroom floor, covered with towels, in a state of deep distress.

Love Affair With Lana Wood

Sean Connery had a passionate love affair with Lana Wood, who famously played a Bond Girl in "Diamonds Are Forever." Their romantic involvement was intense and enduring, spanning a significant four-year period. However, it was the actress who ultimately made the challenging decision to end their affair. 

Wood's decision to end her passionate affair with Connery went beyond momentary emotions; it was based on a profound realization of where her heart genuinely belonged. At the time, she was engaged in a "really lovely relationship with Leslie Bricusse." 

Although Connery had promised to leave his wife, Cilento for Woods, the actual outcome did not align with his assurances. Her choice to prioritize her current relationship over the promises made by Bond reflects the complexity of love and the difficult decisions people sometimes have to make in their pursuit of happiness.

James Bond Has Dated Quiet A Few Women

Sean Connery's romantic life was quite colorful, and he had relationships with several notable women over the years. Some of these relationships included Gena Rowlands in 1998, Lynsey de Paul in 1989, Jill St. John in 1971, Raquel Welch in 1966, Joyce Webber in 1962, Sue Lloyd in 1959, Julie Hamilton in 1957, and Shelley Winters from 1954 to 1955. 

The Scottish actor Connery also had encounters with Carole Mallory in 1974, Magda Konopka in 1972, Joanne Gilbert in 1958, Lana Turner in 1958, Katherine Snow, Betty Kelly, and Sylvia Miles. These relationships and encounters offer a glimpse into the fascinating and eventful love life of the legendary actor.


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