Who is Charlotte Moss Dating? Find out her Past Affairs and Relationships

Being in a relationship isn’t about the kissing, the dates, or the showing off. It's about being with someone who makes you happy in a way that no one else can.

We often hear news about couple divorce and it seems hard to maintain a longterm relationship, but Charlotte Moss has proved it wrong. She is married to Barry Friedberg for a long time. Well "35 years of relationship is not a joke." To know about their married life scroll down.

Who is Charlotte Moss Dating?

Most of the people usually failed to be in a long-lasting relationship for which Barry Friedberg and his wife, Charlotte Moss is an inspiration. The couple is married for 35 years and is enjoying every beat of their married life. Only the lucky person get a spouse who cares and loves you thinking your happiness is more important than own and Charlotte Moss is among those who has got her dream husband, Barry.

Charlotte Moss and Barry Friedberg Charlotte Moss and Barry Friedberg    Source: New York

The couple first met at the A.G Becker where Barry was working as the firm's senior executive and Charlotte was secretary. Soon after the couple fell in love and started living together in a live-in relationship.

Charlotte Moss Charlotte Moss      Source: The Skirted

After living together for three years, the couple got married in 1985 in the private ceremony and soon after that Charlotte made herself free from the banking business. Since then the pair is together and supports each other in every step of their life. However, till the date, the couple does not have any child.

Charlotte Moss Past Affairs

Before Barry Friedberg, Charlotte was married to that guy.  The pair first met during the college days and started dating. After being together for five years in Los Angels, the couple divorced. The name of her husband is not disclosed yet by her.

Charlotte Moss Charlotte Moss     Source: Fabricut

Quick Facts about Charlotte Moss

  • She was Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia.
  • She is the eldest among all of her four siblings.
  • Attended Virginia Commonwealth University for graduation.
  • Previously married and divorced after five years.
  • As a secretary started the job at A.G Becker where she met her present husband.
  • Established her own interior design business in 1998.
  • Across Europe and the United States, she flourished her business and started decorating the private houses.
  • Michael Bloomberg and Susan are some of her clients.
  • In 2007, opened her own showroom named, Charlotte Moss Townhouse.
  • Appeared as a guest editor for the House Beautiful in 2013.
  • Moss is the member of the Board of Trustees for Monticello's Thomas Jefferson Foundation and the Advisory Board for the New York School of Interior designing.
  • She had also written a number of books including A Passion for Detail, Creating A Room, Winter House, A Fair for Living, and so on.
  • She has received Elle Décor Award and Timeless Design Award.