Who Captured Julie Newmar's Heart? A List of Her Husbands and Boyfriends

Julie Newmar is a well-known actress who became famous for her iconic portrayal of Catwoman in the popular "Batman" TV series. With a net worth of $100 million, she has achieved remarkable success in her career. Born on August 16, 1933, in Los Angeles, California, USA, she has captivated audiences with her talent and charm. 

Apart from her acting prowess, Newmar is also recognized for her elegance and grace. In her personal life, she was previously married to J. Holt Smith, adding another layer to her intriguing life story. Her contributions to the entertainment industry continue to leave a lasting impact on fans and fellow actors alike.

Current Relationship Status

As of now, Julie Newmar is enjoying her single life and resides in her Brentwood home, where she lives with her son. She shares a special bond with her child, John Jewl Smith, who has a hearing impairment and Down syndrome, which require extra care and attention. 

JulieJulie Newmar having a fun time at her garden SOURCE: Julie Newmar Instagram @julienewmarofficial

Newmar dedicates a significant amount of her time to taking care of her son, John, ensuring that he has the love and support he needs. Despite the challenges, the actress's commitment to her son's well-being shines through, and her role as a devoted mother remains an important aspect of her life.

Previously Married To J. Holt Smith

Newmar was previously married to J. Holt Smith, with their marriage beginning on August 5, 1977. The couple moved together to Fort Worth, Texas, during their time together. However, their relationship faced challenges, and unfortunately, they decided to part ways and divorced in 1983

While not much detailed information is available about the dynamics of Newmar and Smith's relationship, the experience seems to have been a significant chapter in the actress' life journey. Despite the end of their marriage, her career and commitment to her family continued to shape her path in the entertainment world and beyond.

What Do We Know About J. Holt Smith?

J. Holt Smith is known to have a professional background as a lawyer. However, not much information has been disclosed about his personal life beyond that. After his divorce from Newmar, he seems to have intentionally kept a low profile and disappeared from the media spotlight. He is precious to her even more if you take into consideration that she had three miscarriages in the past.

J.Julie Newmar and J. Holt Smith at their wedding SOURCE: Pinterest

While details about Smith's life and activities post-divorce remain scarce, his decision to maintain privacy could be a deliberate choice to lead a more private and quiet life away from public attention. This choice allows him to focus on his pursuits without the added scrutiny that often accompanies individuals in the public eye.

Previously Dated Ken Scott

In addition to her notable relationships, Julie Newmar also had a brief romantic involvement with Ken Scott. They dated for a short period in 1960. Scott, an actor born on October 13, 1928, in Brooklyn, New York, USA, had a career that left an impact on the entertainment industry. 

Scott appeared in various works, including movies like "Stopover Tokyo," "Psych-Out," and "Fantastic Voyage." Tragically, he passed away on December 2, 1986 (the year in which Peter MacNicol's married Martha Cummings), as mentioned on his IMDb page. Their time together adds another layer to Newmar's life journey, connecting her to the world of entertainment and the memories of a talented actor whose contributions continue to be remembered.

Has A Child With Her Ex-Husband

From her marriage with ex-husband J. Holt Smith, Newmar became a mother to a son named John Jewl Smith, who was born on February 25, 1981. She was 47 years old at the time of his birth. He faces the challenges of having both Down Syndrome and a hearing impairment, which require extra care and attention. 

JohnJulie Newmar with her son, John Jewl Smith SOURCE: Los Angeles Times YouTube Channel

Despite these challenges, Newmar has spoken openly about her deep love and profound connection with her son. As mentioned in Closer Weekly, she has mentioned that John is what brings immense joy to her life. His presence has expanded her perspective on life, leading her to understand and practice unconditional love more profoundly. This relationship highlights the strong bond between a parent and child, demonstrating the powerful impact that love and care can have in overcoming obstacles and fostering a meaningful connection.

John, despite his challenges, has shown a remarkable talent as an artist. His artistic abilities have shone through, and he has even had the opportunity to showcase his work in a significant way. His artwork was featured in an exhibit at the Washington Reid Gallery, located in Culver City, California. This accomplishment highlights his creativity and dedication to his craft. It's inspiring to see how he has been able to express himself and share his unique perspective through his art. 

Other Relationships

Newmar's romantic history includes connections with several men from different walks of life. Among them is actor Gardner McKay, whose relationship with Julie has added a dimension to her personal experiences. Additionally, she has been linked to novelist Louis L’Amour and comedian Mort Sahl

Although Newmar's relationships are part of her past, not much detailed information is available about the dynamics and extent of her connections with these individuals. These connections hint at the diverse array of people who have played roles in the actress's life, contributing to her journey through the world of entertainment and beyond.

On Playing The Catwoman

Julie Newmar's portrayal of Catwoman in the "Batman" TV series (a character that would be played by Jennifer Lopez's boyfriend, Ben Affleck in the future) left an indelible mark, turning her into the most popular sex symbol at the time. Her captivating performance and striking appearance resonated deeply with audiences, particularly men who found her alluring and magnetic. As a result, the actress became accustomed to a unique aspect of fame: men openly sharing their intimate fantasies with her. 

Whether through chance encounters on the street or during public appearances, Newmar found herself engaging in candid conversations where admirers would reveal that she had been their first infatuation or the embodiment of their desires. She revealed that a few of these men were around 14, 15, and 16 years old. This interaction highlights the profound impact she had on shaping not just the world of entertainment but also personal memories and fantasies for countless individuals.

What Newmar Has Learned About Making Love?

Julie Newmar has shared her perspective on intimacy and love, expressing that for her, the experience of making love has only improved with age. She believes that at seventy, the pleasure of intimacy surpasses that of her younger years, as the body doesn't undergo drastic changes. According to the actress, the act of making love takes on a more profound and divine quality as time goes on. 

Newmar emphasizes that the experience becomes more intense, leading to an increase in the frequency of orgasms and that these experiences are always shared mutually with her partner. Her candid insights highlight the idea that intimacy and connection can continue to evolve and deepen throughout a lifetime.

Newmar holds the belief that feelings of ecstasy and the appreciation of beauty are timeless and everlasting. To her, these emotions and the recognition of beauty transcend the limitations of time and age. This outlook reflects her enduring optimism and her ability to find joy in the world around her. By considering ecstasy and beauty as eternal elements, she embraces a perspective that encourages a lifelong pursuit of happiness and the celebration of the world's wonders, regardless of the passage of years.


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