Where is The Bionic Woman, Lindsay Wagner now? Is she still acting in movies and TV shows?

Emmy Award-winning actress, Lindsay Wagner is best remembered as Jamie Sommers from the iconic 70s television series The Bionic Woman.

Actress Wagner who had portrayed a really strong woman on TV during the late 1970s has still been portraying various characters in movies and TV shows.

Recently, she made a guest appearance on one of the most watched CBS’s drama NCIS. She had portrayed the character of NCIS Probationary Agent Elleanor Bishop’s mother, Barbara Bishop on the show. She had appeared on the NCIS season 13 episode ‘Blood Brothers’ that aired on November 24, 2015.

The show -runner of NCIS, Gary Glasbery had told TVLine that he was very excited to work with Lindsay Wagner as he has been a huge Wagner fan since her  movie The Paper Chase.

“I’m super excited about it, because I’m a huge Lindsay Wagner fan going back to The Paper Chase. Also, a bunch of our line producers worked on The Rockford Files, and not many people know this but she was actually in that pilot. So, there are all kinds of behind-the-scenes enthusiasm. And Lindsay is excited, too,” Gary told.

Apart from NCIS, some of the Wagner’s most recent TV credits include episodes of Warehouse 13 and Alphas.

It has been almost 45 years that the legendary actress started her acting career. At a very young age of 12, she began to pursue her dream in acting. Till now, she has been featured in over forty television movies, five miniseries, and twelve feature movies.

Since 2013, she has begun teaching as an adjunct faculty member at San Bernardino Valley College in Southern California.

She has even written a series of books with writer Robert M. Klein about using acupressure to gain results similar to a surgical facelift. She has also written one of the first celebrity cookbooks, High Road to Health in 1994.

In recent years, Wagner has been seen promoting spirituality and meditation through her self-help seminars and workshops.

At the age of 66, she is active in various fields along with her acting career.

Wagner has been married and divorced four times. She had married music publisher Allan Rider in 1971 but after a couple of years, they filed for divorce. Her second marriage was with actor Michael Brandon which lasted only for three years.

Later in 1981, she married stuntman Henry Kingi whom she had met on the sets of The Bionic Woman. She has two children from her third husband, who are Dorian and Alex.

Even for the sake of their children, the couple could not sustain their marriage and thus, separated. Wagner then married TV producer Lawrence Mortorff but their marital relationship did not last longer.

One of the leading American actresses, Lindsay Wagner has an estimated net worth of $15 million.