Where is Meteorologist Molly Rosenblatt after leaving WOFL?

Molly Rosenblatt is one hot weather caster we all came to love and look forward to. Being such a babe anchor, Molly Rosenblatt sure has got lots of fans. Well, we can say one-half of the audience of Fox’s WOFL were there for Molly. 

Many of her followers are keen to know Where is Meteorologist Molly Rosenblatt after leaving WOFL? so here we have gathered all the information regarding her personal and professional life. Keep scrolling for more.

Molly Rosenblatt after leaving WOFL

Starting her tenure at WOLF since 2013 Molly Rosenblatt has managed to add significantly to the viewers of the channel.

Good Day Orland anchor and meteorologist Molly Rosenblatt, however, has recently left WOFL to pursue her job back in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Although she stated that she had a pretty great time in WOFL, she also said that she is very happy to be going back home.

"Accepted an offer too good to refuse in Minneapolis. Going home" Molly wrote on her Instagram

Really tough to leave. I'm so happy here ????” Molly further wrote with the picture of an old SX 70 camera.

So let's have a look at that Instagram post.


Busted the old SX 70 out of storage to make a collage of the rest of my time in FLA ????????????

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Now she is an evening meteorologist in the Minnesota-based news agency WCCO. Although she has changed her employer, she still remains the same confident and professional weather girl we all know.

Earning her Journalism degree from the University of Minnesota Molly was we must say a career oriented girl right from the beginning. Molly was also weather forecaster in the school newscast.

Molly Rosenblatt career

Starting her career from KRTV, she has worked in multiple news agencies including KTSM.  Prior to WOFL, she had worked in WGNO, New Orleans as a general assignment reporter as well as a weather forecaster for four years. Although her career peaked at WOFL, she always had the charm and confidence required of an anchor.

Rosenblatt is very proficient in her job and knows how to present herself in front of the camera. She has never been fired in her career and is often one of the major assets of the agency she works in.

Talking about her personal life she was born to Morris Rosenblatt and Sadie Rosenblatt in 1989. Aspired to appear in television Molly took an interest in anchoring. Pursuing her career she joined the University of Minnesota in the field of Journalism.

Her career as an anchor is a given, Molly, however, has also appeared in few movies including the highly acclaimed The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) and The Mechanic (2011). Her contribution and income from these two movies also add to her net worth.


Molly is one hot babe. With her gorgeous looks to her curvy body, she looks absolutely stunning. Not to mention her blonde hair that further adds to her stunning looks. This beautiful anchor is currently married to Herman Geller. They were dating long before they got married and are living happily without any rumors or sign of imminent divorce. Molly does not have any extra-marital affairs and neither does Herman. Prior to Herman, there are no records of Molly dating anyone. They don't seem to have any children till now.

With her devotion and dedication to her job, Molly is able to amass net worth that is believed to be in millions. It seems Molly is secretive towards her financial exposure as she has not disclosed any information about her net worth or her salary. Considering her proficiency in her work and her past career her net worth must be pretty attractive as well. Her salary is estimated to be around $350,000 annually. However, the data is not official but is a close estimate of what her actual income might be.