Where in the world is actress Larissa Wilson? Is she still in the show biz and is she dating anyone?

August 27, 2015
First Published On: August 27, 2015
by HitBerry

Larissa Wilson is officially of the radar, and we don’t know whether it is by her own choice. Speculations say she has not managed to land herself a job in the industry for quite some time. She has turned out to be the only star from the hit UK TV show Skins whose career hasn’t prospered. Looks like her claim to fame was restricted to Skins!

After the success with Skins, all of her co-stars career’s launched in different directions, whereas she failed to get hers in any particular path. As a result, she is seldom seen in Hollywood these days except making guest appearances in shows .Some of her co-stars in Skins were Nicholas Hoult , Mike Bailey and Hannah Murray.

There are rumor circling that Larissa currently is working in theater and does not see herself as a television actress anymore. She has been very reclusive about her life. This may be so due to achieving fame at such an early age. Her personnel life is never in the papers much so her whereabouts’ are only known by her family. During her time on the Skins, show sources claimed that she had an Affair with Mike Bailey her co-star. Larissa,however, has not publicly acknowledged Bailey to be her boyfriend.

The little that we know about her is she has left her home town of Kingwoods, and moved to London. It had been rumored that she is currently dating one of her co-stars form Skins. But sources have not been able to specify who her new boyfriend is. But they are confident that it is not bailey anymore. As of her current marital status we do know that she has not married yet.

Larissa has starred in only one movie so far. It was back in 2009 in a movie called Tormented, in which she played the character of Khalillah. The film was criticized by critics for trying too hard. Wilson has also made stage appearances in London. Critics have been favorable to her performance after they stormed her for her acting skills in the movie Tormented

Apart from Skins and she has featured in shows like Holby City, Kingdom and Shirley. However, her only known movie is Tormented.

Other than her skills in acting, Larissa is known for playing the clarinet, which is the same instrument used by her character Jal Frazer in the show Skins. She has citied that she plans to play professionally as she is in love with the instrument. She spends most of her free time learning the clarinet and even has a private tutor to help her get better.

Wilson is not active on twitter and considers social networking to be a waste of time. In the very few interviews that she has had, she has mentioned she like to spend her time out in the open and with nature.