When is Red Nose Day, what is it and What is Victoria Beckham doing for fund raiser this year?

May 25, 2018

All Celebrities have joined hands for the famous Red Nose day which returns on Thursday, May 24, 2018, to the USA. Red Nose Day 2018 is happening for the fourth time this year. So, if you don't know about the red nose day, then here we have an article to let you know about the famous celebrity fundraiser. 


Red Nose Day USA is an annual fundraising campaign against child poverty in the US. It is a huge event created to provide aids to the poorest communities all around the globe. This very fundraiser day is a charity event organised by Comic Relief, a non-profit organization based on the Comic Relief model in the United Kingdom.

As we all know David Beckham's better half and Spice Girl member, as well as model, turned fashion designer Victoria Beckham is again reuniting with her singing and dancing crew and for a good reason. We clearly remember her the last appearance of Spice girls member at the inauguration of London Olympics where they performed on the top British black cabs. So, it's obvious that people will talk about her as every time she performs, she surprises her fans.

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CAPTION: Victoria Beckham Has outed a T-shirt for Red nose day SOURCE: Instagram

Victoria Beckham has reportedly reunited with her former band bandmates today, but it's not for a world tour, in fact, it is for the Red Nose Day event at NBC. Beckham has also outed Spice Girls T-shirt featuring all the Spice Girls wearing red noses to benefit Red Nose Day. The T-shirt will reportedly be sold at $35 per piece.

Many other celebrities will be joining the event along with Beckham. As Amanda Seyfried, Ed Sheeran, Lily James are also in support of selling the T-shirt, priced at $35.

In a statement to Vogue, Vic said:

“I’m very proud that this year’s Spice Girl T-shirt is raising much needed money to help the girls and their communities fight for a better future"

Beckham further added:

“Their dreams and aspirations drive them forward and the lives of these young women directly benefit from the money raised by Comic Relief.”

CAPTION: Celebrities Rocking Victoria Beckham's T-shirt SOURCE: Instagram

All Spice fans who want to support the cause can buy Spice Girls T-shirt can go this link and show support by buying the $35 worth t-shirt.

Who Else are joining the Events?

Red Nose Day 2018 on NBC will surely be a special event as many big celebs will be participating along with Victoria. At 8/7c, we will witness a Celebrity Ninja Warrior for Red Nose Day where big stars like Derek Hough and Nikki Bella will try their hands.

Afterward, Jane Lynch will host a Hollywood Game Night before finishing it with the Red Nose Day Special, hosted by Chris Hardwick.

A Twitter #GoNosetoNose challenge also has a liking from Bill Gates and his wife Melinda and they seem interested in taking part too.