When are Aimee Mullins and her longtime boyfriend turned partner, Rupert Friend getting married?

HitBerryPublished on   23 Mar, 2016Updated on   16 May, 2021

Many of you must be quite interested to know about the marriage of Aimee Mullins with her longtime boyfriend Rupert Friend.

American athlete, fashion model and actress Mullins has been coupled with English actor Rupert Friend since 2013. It has been three years now that they are dating each other. The two got engaged in May 2014. Though the couple tried to maintain the privacy of their engagement, it got inadvertently revealed at the L’Oreal Paris Women of worth Awards in New York in December 2014.

Strong buzz claims that the duo will get married soon this year. It was rumored earlier that the couple got engaged because Aimee was pregnant but this is not true. They got engaged because they are deeply in love with each other.

They were spotted together indulging in a sweet display of affection in a club at New York City this week. The Pride and Prejudice actor, Rupert was seen showering fiancée Aimee Mullins with romantic gestures. The couple was staring lovingly in each other’s eyes. They were really adorable, enjoying the night and each other’s company.

In an interview with The Guardian, Mullins’ to be husband opened up about his romance with Aimee when asked about the idea of ‘settling down’. Rupert quotes:

 “I’m engaged to somebody with as much wind in her sails as I have……I find that phrase nightmarish, actually, settling down. It implies loss of love of life.”

Though Rupert seems to deny the idea of settling down, there have been rumors that they have been planning for their wedding day. Actress Aimee was spotted weeks ago with fashion designer Galliano. This could be speculated that she might be planning for her wedding dress.

Mullins is a renowned public speaker, decorated athlete and a successful model.

 Aimee was a successful athlete before she launched her career as a model. She competed in the 1996 Paralympics in Atlanta where she set three world records by running in the 100 and 200 meter sprints and long jump.

Mullins walked on the runway for British fashion designer Alexander McQueen on a pair of hand-carved wooden prosthetic legs. Later in 1998, she was featured on the cover of Dazed and Confused magazine which led to features in numerous fashion magazine staples like Elle, Vogue, Numero, Harper’s Bazaar and Garage Magazine.

Aimee was born with a medical condition that resulted in the amputation of both of her lower legs when she was one year old. Since then she has become a prominent thinker of prosthetic innovation. She is credited as being one of the inspiring speakers. She is in high demand around the world to speak on topics of body, identity, design and innovation.

Since 2002, Mullins has been starring in movies and TV shows including Cremaster 3, World Trade Center, Five Little Pigs, Naked in a Fishbowl, Quid Pro Quo, Marvelous, Rob the Mob, Young Ones, Appropriate Behavior, Crossbones, in Stereo, Stranger Things and Drunk Parents.

The net worth of Aimee Mullins has not been disclosed yet.