What was the reason behind Michelle Forbes's divorce from ex-husband Ross Kettle?? And is she dating??

August 31, 2015
First published on:August 31, 2015
by HitBerry

The world doesn’t know exactly when Michelle Forbes and husband Ross Kettle divorced .The time or date wasn’t made public. However, Michelle wasn’t overwhelmed following the ending of her relationship. She married Kettle, an actor/director out of Durban, South Africa in the year 1990. As mentioned, they haven’t made the date of their separation public, however, there are several speculations on why they got divorced.

Rumor has it the couple separated after Forbes was caught cheating on Kettle with her ‘Homicide: Life on the Street’ co-star Reed Diamond. Forbes, however, told the media that she fell out of love with Kettle and that her reasons were she rushed into marriage and could not comprehend a thing regarding it.

Sources claim that Forbes has also told the media that she was young and marriage did not turn out to be the union she was looking for. She sought to exercise her independence and was expecting an exciting life, but it turned out to be dreadfully tedious.

After calling off the marriage, Forbes for a short while dated her co-star Reed Diamond, who, at the moment, was what Michelle seemed to have been looking for. The couple was rumored to be very happy with each other but their happiness lasted only for a short period. Reed has mentioned that his time with Michelle was not significant and shortly after breaking up all ties with Forbes, he married Marnie Mcphail with whom he is still married.

At the moment Michelle is single and content with her single life. On the other hand, she does see a lot of people and frequently, goes out on dates. But, she is not looking for anything serious in her life anymore. She has also called off rumors of her being lesbian openly stating that she is straight.

Presently, Michelle has kept her personal life away from the media .We hardly know anything that goes on with her life anymore. She lives in California and spends most of her time rehearsing for her various roles in the plays she is a part of.

Michelle began her career with soap operas eventually moving on to Television and movies. She has had significant success with movies like Escape from L.A., Kalifornia and Swimming with Sharks. She has also gained a huge fan base for her role as “Ro Laren” in the Star Trek: The Next Generation. Another major achievement in her recent career is that she has landed a major role in the upcoming studio movie” The Hunger Games Mockingjay –Part 2”

She just completed shooting 10 episodes of the TV show Powers which is set to premier this fall .At the moment she is currently filming for her role as Helen Goddard in the T.V show The Returned.

Michelle’s net worth currently is valued at $3 million .She is not very active on Twitter and seldom post anything online.


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