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What was the real reason behind Sophie Reade and her ex-boyfriend, footballer Adam Johnson's breakup.

March 16, 2016
First published on:March 16, 2016
by HitBerry

Are you wondering why Sophie Reade dumped her ex- boyfriend footballer Adam Johnson?? Here is a hot news scoop about the actual reason behind.

Adam was a star until his disgraced activity was revealed in the court this year.

After five years, the actual reason behind break up of Sophie and Adam has been revealed.

On the surface, he had it all, a strong mark in football career, hot girlfriend and a new born baby girl. It is not the same now. He might have been suspended from the football team and he is dumped by his gorgeous girlfriend Sophie.

He has been found guilty of having illegitimate sexual affair with his fifteen years old fan. He is neither a responsible dad nor a loyal boyfriend. Sophie has to say that he is one hell of an entangled person in strings of affairs.

Adam and Sophie dated for almost three month. The relationship seemed to be promising until he took part in a charity auction in Cheshire.

All in all his infidelity is the sole reason why Sophie dumped him at the first place. Another reason behind the break up as reported by every celebrity news channel is his bidding publicly on Katie price at a charity auction.

Johnson was playing for Manchester City at the time, he bid on a date with Kate Price aka Jordan alongside his fellow player Micah Richards.

Between them bid a whooping pound 12,222 for a date as Katie, who was then married to Alex Reid promised them “a night you’ll never forget”.

As you can see what the bidding was all about. Any rational woman like Sophie would dump a man like Johnson then and there for such outrageous act.

Straight after the bid was made, Sophie was told the news by a mate and while he was still at the event, she texted him that the relationship was over. Most of the fans were for Sophie’s decision as saying she did the right thing. However, there were some fans who criticized her for over reacting and going too fast. No matter what people has to say, the romance was really over between them.

According to Daily star, she told her friend at the time, “He humiliated me in front of hundreds of people. There is no way he can get away with that”.

She further adds, “If he wanted to raise money for charity then he should have run a marathon.”

Her tweets at the time also referred to the betrayal. She wrote “Would like to meet a nice guy for a change, who don’t turn out to be a complete loser! And treat her RIGHT or the RIGHT man will!”

We are not sure if Adam went out with Katie but his relationship was certainly over with Sophie.