What's the reason behind actress Diane Neal's divorce with ex-husband Marcus Fitzgerald

Even after a year of their separation, fans of actress Diane Neal are wondering why she and her former husband Marcus Fitzgerald divorced last year. The Law and Order star’s fans and lovers are still unsure about what made the power couple break-up.


Diane Neal and Marcus Fitzgerald Relationship 

When exactly they met is not known, but after the charismatic lady met her then-boyfriend and future husband Marcus Fitzgerald, an engineer and former model, they dated for almost a decade.

The lovely pair was engaged to each other for seven years before getting married. The 30 Rock actress and her beau apparently tied the knot on 9th July 2005. Before their high profile wedding, the romantic affair between these two was a hot topic of discussion.

The couple was happily married to each other until 2014. Something happened in their relationship and their marriage ended up in a nasty divorce. When the news about their divorce surfaced in media, her fans and haters alike were rather shocked.

Diane Neal and Marcus Fitzgerald Divorce

Nobody had ever imagined that a strong couple like them would ever split. Fans were heartbroken and prayed that the much loved pair would reconcile and come together.

The reason behind their unceremonious divorce is still not clear as the couple was quite discreet about their personal life. They hardly spoke about it. It is not a new thing for Hollywood couple to break up just like that.

It is common for the celebs in the showbiz to hook up with anyone they are interested in. They date, marry and even have babies together but after a certain time, they get fed up each other and finally decide to cut the thread.

But the relationship between Neal and her husband that we are talking about was something. It was not meant to break so easily unlike other Hollywood couples. They married after seven years of dating and were together for almost ten years, we can assume they had a strong foundation for their relationship.

Unfortunately, Neal and Fitzgerald did not have any children and people say that this might be the reason behind their divorce. Sources claim that the actress wanted to get pregnant but her husband was not ready to be a parent. Some also claim that Neal’s dismissal from Law and Order was the reason behind their spill.

It is rumored that the hilarious and talented actress was actually fired from the show at the end of the season 9. Nobody knows how much truth there is to this hearsay so we’d rather not comment on that.

Diane Neal Career 

Diane Neal is an American actress aged 38.She is best known for her role as Casey Novak on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. The actress appeared in the TV show from 2003 to 2008 but again reprised her role from 2011 to 2012.

She also portrayed the character of Special Agent Abigail Borin in the NCIS series since 2009. She has appeared as a recurring guest star in NCIS: New Orleans. We hope to soon see this talented actress in another happy relationship.