What's Rapper Ghostface Killah's new album ''Twelve Reasons to Die II' about? Here's the full story behind the songs and lyrics in the album

August 24, 2015
First Published On: August 24, 2015

Wu-Tang Clan member Ghostface Killah aged, 45 is back in action. He released his twelfth studio album titled Twelve Reasons to Die II on July 10 this year. The album came as the sequel to his critically acclaimed album named Twelve Reasons to Die, which was released in 2013.

The singer and rapper garnered generally positive reviews from music critics upon the release of the rap album. The album features 13 tracks in total. Killah teamed up with producer Adrian Younge once again and worked on the new music. The duo announced the news about them teaming up for the sequel to their 2013 epic rap album Twelve Reasons to Die. They also released a new song from the album titled "Let the Record Spin."

Twelve Reasons to Die II received generally favorable reviews and the songs featured in the album were loved by the fans and critics alike.

The album is in fact a true sequel to its predecessor as in Twelve Reasons to Die, Ghostface played a mob enforcer during '60s Italy who was murdered by the powerful Deluca family who keep his remains pressed into vinyl and when played, the vinyl resurrects the enforcer aka Ghostface Killah and allows him to take his revenge. And as per the Rolling Stone, the successor to Ghostface Killah’s previous album continues the same story line ten years later in New York where Raekwon plays a powerful crime boss who is responsible for the resurrection of Ghostface once again to fight the now reformed Deluca.  According to Rolling Stone, the new album picks up the story a decade later in New York, with Raekwon playing a powerful crime boss that resurrects Ghostface again to fight the reformed Delucas.

In a nutshell, the recently released album is a blend of horror and urban street drama and a perfect horror sequel to the previous album. But despite the resurrection of Ghostface, don’t expect him to be the protagonist, because this time the lead man is the character of Lester Kane played by Killah’s savior, Raekwon who wants revenge with the Deluca family who murdered his wife and son. He accidently stumbles across a box of vinyl and resurrects the spirit of Ghostface Killah.

Ghost and Lester Kane agree to work together and Ghost agrees to carries out his vengeance on the DeLucas. But, for that, Kane has to hand over his body and soul after everything is over. The lyrics of the songs feel like a vengeful soul and there are more mysteries within the story and one has to buy the album to dig into them.

The album has been released via Linear Labs and it features Raekwon along with RZA, Bilal and Vince Staples. The Twelve Reasons to Die II is the second album of Ghostface in 2015 after Sour Soul, a collaboration with jazz group BadBadNotGood. Ghostface has been promoting his album on Twitter, but he does not have official Instagram account. We hope that after the success of this album, the rapper finds a new girlfriend and add some more cash to his already impressive net worth of $17 million.