What's Luke Walton net worth? See his Manhattan beach house with his salary and career

HitBerryPublished on   15 Nov, 2016Updated on   18 May, 2021

Luke Theodore Walton is the former American professional basketball player and currently the  head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. Theodore has an annual average salary of US $5,050,000 dollars and with his successful coaching career, he stands at the net worth of 16 million USD in 2016.

The Basketball superstar was signed by Los Angeles Lakers for a five-year deal as a head coach for five years contract of US $25 million or Five million dollars per year. The athlete turned coach lives in a huge mansion in Manhatten beach in luxury and has recently added a hotel to his business realm.

Net worth and Salary of Luke Walton

Associated with The LA Lakers coach Walton along with his salary gets bonds and Signing Bonus from Lakers when the five million dollars salary is added with his yearly bonds along with his incentives and bonus make him around fifty thousand dollars more.

So, when we add his salary and other allowances and endorsement his yearly salary reaches to US $ 5,050,000 and according to the sources his net worth in 2016 is somewhere around US $ 16 million as confirmed by Fox sports.com.

Home in Manhatten

Luke has a beautiful mansion on Manhatten Beach area in California. The home features a garden and three bedrooms with three full baths. The beach side house is supposedly worth more than 4 million as reported by a Real estate company in Manhattan.

Further to add his net worth and the star also runs a restaurant in The beach area and serves people with beautiful basketball stories hanging on the wall along with delicious food served in the hotel.

Career in NBA and career as a coach

University of Arizona graduate Walton played college level basketball and after graduating the college he was linked with Los Angeles Lakers as a professional NBA player from 2003 to 3012 for nine long years. Walton was a superstar player in Lakers in 2006. LA Lakers won two NBA championships during Walton's days in the team as a player.

After completion of his contract with Lakers, Luke moved to Cleveland Cavaliers on March 15, 2012, but the NBA star again joined LA Lakers as an assistant coach in early 2013. He was selected as a full-time coach later in the same year with a huge contract of 25 million dollars for five long years.

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