What's Kendu Isaacs's Net worth after filing divorce with estranged wife Marie J. Blige?

Kendu Issacs was a manager of Marie J. Blige and they had been married for 13 years to be exact. There are tons of reports on why they had to file a divorce and what their relationship was like.

Reports believe that they got divorce on July 25th, 2014. But it hasn’t done much harm to Kendu since he gets a lotta amount in spousal support even though they don’t have any kids together.

Kendu Issacs Net Worth

Kendu was a manager and he didn’t earn much like Blige, but I must say he has been getting a lot of money from his divorce. TMZ reported that he asked for $129,319 per month from Blige in spousal support. Issacs reported that Blige got more than $4 million in the past two years and he has a right to claim some portion of the amount. 

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Kendu Issacs and Marie J. Blige

Sources believe that the pair first met in 2000 and after a few years of dating, they made it official and got married on December 7th, 2003; in New Jersey, United States of America. In one of the interviews, Blige stated that Issacs saved her life cuz he helped her get through alcohol and drug addiction. She also said that he is a savior and she still can’t believe that she was married to one kind man. But what went wrong? 

Marie J. Blige and Kendu Issacs

Marie J. Blige and Kendu Issacs

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What went wrong between Kendu Issacs and Marie J. Blige?

There are reports about Issacs having an affair with Starshell and that he was cheating on Marie for real. Furthermore, the pair is popular for public fights they get into most of the times. I will set you an example; at club M2, media captured a fight between Issacs and Marie and that she punched him on the face. 

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They used to have a lotta fights and they were more like enemies; and maybe, one in a million chances, this was the reason why the love birds had to take their relationship down and file a divorce against each other. 

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Kendu Issacs and Marie J. Blige Children

Together, they don’t have any children. However, Issacs has 3 children named Briana, Jordan and Nas with his previous wife. And Marie treated them like her own kids and loved them more than anything. Though they didn’t have any children together, Issacs asked for money in spousal support. I can’t think of anything, ya know. Too many complications. Right?? 

Kendu Issacs Family

Kendu Issacs Family

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