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What qualities does actress Emily Beecham, age 31, look for in a boyfriend or a potential husband?

January 14, 2016
First published on:January 14, 2016
by HitBerry


Versatile and super talented, Emily Beecham is an English-American actress, as well as every man’s dram girl. Very few would hesitate to date an elegant and fantastic diva like her.

But does anyone know what this actress expects from her boyfriend or potential husband? Well, we have some idea!

Emily, age 31, believes in not planning too much. She even picks her dress randomly and hates thinking too much about anything in particular. Hence, we do not think she would want to date any guy who is well-organized and worries about little things!

Perhaps she needs someone who can be messy like her?

Emily, in an interview, revealed herself to be a moody person who chooses her convenience first and foremost. Hence, we can figure out that only a guy who can handle her mood swings would be her potential husband.

The actress, who loves to be creative, never leaves her home without her cell phone or something to read. She is fond of music and wants her future boyfriend or husband to adore music too.

Emily seems to prefer keeping her personal life away from the gossips and controversies of the media. Till date, she has no records of her affairs, dating, marriage or boyfriends. Although she has more than five thousand Twitter followers and 756 tweets, she has never revealed anything about her personal life.

An insider close to the actress revealed that Emily hopes to find a creative and self-made man in her life. She loves to stay happy and expects her man to be an optimist. The insider further added that Emily wants professionalism in her future husband and he must support her in her endeavors throughout her life.

Known for her hard works and dedication, Emily has achieved huge success in her early age. After continuously working hard for her career, may be the actress has finally felt the need for a partner in her life.

We all hope that this talented Actress soon finds her perfect soul mate and ties the knot! We will definitely keep you informed if that happens!!

The gorgeous actress loves experimenting with new things. She did martial art training for the TV series, The Badlands.

Beecham made her first professional acting debut with an appearance in a thriller Bon Voyage and in the supernatural TV show Afterlife. She has appeared in numerous TV shows, movies and TV commercials. Before getting married, she wishes to work on the other side of the lens, for which she has already started practicing. She has also written a screenplay.

Emily was featured as one of the 55 faces of the future by Nylon Magazine's Young Hollywood Issue. She also won an award for Best Actress at London Independent Film Festival 2011.

Emily’s net worth has not yet been revealed.